iPod app in other countries?

  • I have it on my dutch ipod touch.. read on the forum how to do it, it's easy..

  • how do you get a US account without a US credit card? for those who just want to scrobble, there are a couple of apps on cydia

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 24 okt 2008, 08:49
    Sweden, please!

    • lagadu sa...
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    • 24 okt 2008, 18:30

    How to create an US account without a credit card:

    • lovixel sa...
    • Användare
    • 26 okt 2008, 05:24

    South America!

    Come on, all South America is waiting for this app in itunes store for iphone! :)

  • Yep

    In russia works great

  • In Italy please!

    We want it in Italy!!!

    (In English)

  • +1

    Slovenia please! :)

  • Are you going to release the app to each country separately? Or its going to be released to the whole world? /Israel

    • jav_pk sa...
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    • 5 nov 2008, 17:20


    and mexicoooo toooo, it'd be such a great app ...

    • Gon84 sa...
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    • 6 nov 2008, 20:54

    Chile wants it !!

    Chile wants it too !!!!!!!
    I love last.fm and such app will be great in my ipod touch 2G!

  • We would love it in Colombia!!

    First vote for a release in Colombia!!

    What I don't get is why I can stream from my browser if I am in Colombia, but I can't download the app?? The licensing problem is with whom?? Apple, the carriers, you guys, the labels??

  • It's really so simple!

    Seeing as the app is not available for Bulgaria, what I did was ask a friend if he'd download it for me in the UK, then he sent me the .ipa file. Then I copied it to my iTunes applications folder ("C:\Users\----------\Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications" is the defulat address on Vista), loaded it in iTunes, logged in with my friend's details, validiated the app to be used on my computer and been enjoying it ever since.
    Good luck if youdecide to try it :)

    О, имам нужда от псевдоним, Док Мартенс, Зипо и много дим;
    слизам надолу, инкогнито, кротко, тежки парфюми, цигари и водка...
    • emndk sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 nov 2008, 08:38

    iTunes and Last.fm in Denmark!

    PLEASE open for Last.fm in Denmark - I beg you!

    <3 Kasper

    • iotunn sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 nov 2008, 12:54


    monthly pass...

  • SWEDEN!!

    Bring it to Sweden!! PLEEEASE!!!

    Dubious Quip

    • pdoodzie sa...
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    • 13 nov 2008, 16:02


    What if you create an iTunes Account with an american gift card? I'll give it a try. I don't wanna go jailbreaking an iPhone I bought legally.

    • pdoodzie sa...
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    • 13 nov 2008, 16:41

    Re: How to create an US account without a credit card:

    lagadu said:
    Just follow the instructions.

    Cool, this worked! Just create the account as that blog post instructs, download whatever you want and next time you sync your iphone they'll all be there.

    • taibo sa...
    • Användare
    • 13 nov 2008, 23:23
    • Tyrane sa...
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    • 14 nov 2008, 16:57


    This app on the Australian store would be great.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 14 nov 2008, 19:41

    Italy calling

    People in Italy are starving, yet they cannot give up their iPhone. So what are you waiting for including us?
    Er... we're part of the G7, and Spain isn't, you know! ;-)

    • catman75 sa...
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    • 14 nov 2008, 23:45


    Just can't understand why this should be released only to specific country? Anyone from last.fm willing to explain?

    • glpunk sa...
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    • 15 nov 2008, 14:33


    South America =(


  • Finland needs it too!

    I presume here are quite a few users despite the size of country? One of the fastets to take off with Altavista, then Google, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. This priorization could pay off well. (Trying my best here, but the previously mentioned is true).

    • RamiereZ sa...
    • Användare
    • 17 nov 2008, 04:29

    This is why people JAILBREAK their iphones/Touches.... BRING THIS APP TO ALL STORES - I WILL PAY FOR IT EVEN!

    Er... This was the best app for the old ( < 2.0 ) versions of the touch/phone... and yet the simple app isnt avaliable even in Australia? (NZ >> Aus...) this kind of rubbish is what causes people to start "sorting" it out on their own.
    Best idea for all those still trying to get the app is download it... Not very hard if your a little computer literate (and well you have an iphone / touch... so really you should be...)

    So get the *.ipa , load it onto your iWhatvr (hint: use the google app browser...), and bang. Done.

    It is not that there is nothign to do - 'there is always something to do,' as parents tell thier little children. It is only that what is to be done is already too well known to be done again.
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