Scrobbling same songs multiple times

    • mynlugon sa...
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    • 30 jun 2012, 16:27

    Scrobbling same songs multiple times

    Hey everyone,

    My iTunes is up to date and my scrobbler version is My iPhone is automatically managed(iOS 5).I've been having troubles with some tracks being scrobbled multiple times. From time to time I check my listened tracks on my profile and have to delete several of them manually.

    This is what happens.

    Is there anything I can do to solve this problem? Or maybe some way to delete my duplicated tracks without having to do it one by one or deleting the track completely? Thank you!

  • Same issue here. And as for a server-side bug, when I deleted all but one of the duplicates for each track then later visited my, ALL THE SONGS THAT I DELETED THE DUPLICATES OF WERE ALSO DELETED! I checked on the artist page and the plays didn't show up there either.

    An additional problem is that the last couple times I scrobbled my iphone, it showed thousands of tracks waiting to be scrobbled when I only played like 30 songs.. as if it thought I didn't scrobble every single play I've ever done on my phone. WTF?

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  • The same quetions

    I encounter the same quetions,I hope get a way to slove it.

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  • Hmm

    I think the problem is that the scrobbler looks at the date when the file was last played and the play count, hence the same track being scrobbled X times at the same time.
    I've had this problem for a while now, not sure if there's any way to fix it honestly.

  • Same Issue

    I went through my past week of scrobbles and deleted one or two hundred duplicates. So far, the ones I didn't delete are still there, but I just did it. Seemingly it's only the tracks scrobbled through the Mac OS X scrobbler and played on iTunes. From my (admittedly brief) glance-through, tracks from my Turntable scrobbler, Android scrobbler, and Google Music scrobbler were all fine.

    • Worrel sa...
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    • 27 jul 2012, 07:15
    My songs are scrobbled twice if I don't:
    - sync my iPod before I take it with me to listen to it
    - connect it while playing songs on iTunes
    - sync it before playing songs on iTunes

    iPod classic, Win Vista 64, iTunes, Beta Last.FM application

    • BDisOKE sa...
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    • 5 sep 2012, 09:10
    Same problem here. Difference is I don't play music on my Mac.
    Do stream shared music from my Mac on my iPhone and use iTunes Match.
    I connect my iPhone every now and then to sync plays...

    But this is messing up my account... :S

  • similar problem here. seems to be no way of fixing it.
    EVERY time I attach my iPhone the same 6 songs pop up to be scrobbled. I've deleted and reinstalled, deleted and reinstalled my iPhone as a recognised device and taken the songs themselves out of my iTunes but it still happens every time. INCREDIBLY ANNOYING.

    • filippak sa...
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    • 18 nov 2012, 19:23

    This is what the Last.Fm iPod faq says

    How come the tracks played multiple times on my iPod all get scrobbled with the same timestamp?
    If you played a track multiple times on your iPod, all occurrences have the same timestamp, and all plays on an iPod Shuffle have the same timestamp. This is intended behaviour, and you can remove plays from your “Recently Listened Tracks” page on the website as per normal, if you don't want them to appear there multiple times.

    Guess it's the same for iPhone.

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  • Having the same problem for weeks now with the beta version of Scrobbler. Every other day suddenly several thousand songs get scrobbled. It totally messes up my stats. But as usual there is no reaction from the staff! After 10 years they don't care about the users anymore!

    Redigerad av portenkirchner den 17 dec 2012, 13:27
  • If you are impatient or a bit angry because there was no answer from, eartle posted following message. There will be a Scrobbler (beta) update soon. As he is the only person working on this project the lack of updates and communication is understandable.

    Redigerad av portenkirchner den 18 dec 2012, 20:39
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 17 dec 2012, 11:48
    I previously had this problem until I manually managed my ipod. That may not be a lucrative option for some of you though. And @portenkirchner, I think he's talking about an update only for the beta version.

  • Yes, javsroyale you are right, eartle talks about the beta version of Scrobbler.But hopefully the Scrobbler willbe out of beta soon!

  • Possible Solution - Reset Play Count

    possible solution could be to make sure you reset your play counts on your ipod after every time you scrobble. That way the next time you scrobble it will only include the latest plays since you last scrobbled. I haven't tried this yet, but hopefully might work.

    To reset your play counts, just highlight/select your entire ipod library ("On This iPod") and right click, then select "reset plays".

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