Songs from iPhone won't scrobble when connected to iTunes

  • Songs from iPhone won't scrobble when connected to iTunes

    I've had this problem several times, and I can't seem to find an answer to it on the forums or in the FAQ section.

    This week, I listened to about 200+ songs in 3 days on my iPhone. When I plugged it into my computer last night, only 3 songs came up to be scrobbled. The FAQ sections says all scrobbles two weeks or older will be ignored. But this was only 3 days worth of songs.

    Is anyone else having this problem or is something being done about it?

  • I find it completely unprofessional that no one from the support team has responded to this question. Especially when I see that posts that have come after mine have had at least someone say they're working on the problem.

    I love this site, but I've definitely lost respect for the team that runs it. And I'm going to assume that none of them will even bother to look at this reply. So I've once again wasted my time.

    • samqwe sa...
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    • 23 jun 2012, 20:20
    You have been waiting for less than 48 hours, that's hardly enough to accuse the support team of doing a bad job. I'm not sure why you think they skipped your question, I couldn't find any answers from the support team in the other posts that weren't older than the 20th of june 2012. And maybe, just maybe, demanding a flawless job from a service team of an app that you haven't even paid for is a bit insolent and disrespectful. That being said, I'm not from the support team and can't help you with your problem, but it would probably help to know if this also happened the first time you tried to scrobble with your iPhone or just lately.

  • My iPod usually scrobbles the way it should. I normally need to charge my phone once every two days. But again today, it was 4 days since I last connected my iPod, and it only scrobbled about 15 of songs I had listened to in that time. It's really frustrating, and since it happened again I was really looking for an answer to the problem. So while my reaction may have been a bit hasty, I'm still looking for help. And seeing others receive a response is a little disheartening. Especially since there is no email support either.

  • And to answer the question you asked (which is probably a good one to ask), this is not a completely new problem. It's been happening for about as long as I've been scrobbing from an iPod/iPhone, which has been about two years now.

  • I've been having this problem for the past week or so, my iPhone doesn't even scrobble when I connect it to my iPhone :3 what can the problem be? Do I need to update my iTunes version? Even when I listen to new songs from my computer, the count changes on my profile but it doesn't update in my library... what exactly is going on here?

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