Why doesn't my iPhone 4S scrobble?

  • Why doesn't my iPhone 4S scrobble?

    I allowed the instructions on your iPod Touch pinned post i.e. I listened to songs, connected it to my computer and what not but there's no scrobbled tracks? I authorized my iPhone with iTunes and the Last.fm scrobbler but still nothing.

    Am I doing something wrong? How can I get my scrobbled tracks off my iPhone and into the Last.fm software?

    Thank you!

    Music is my life.. ♪
  • Re: Why doesn't my iPhone 4S scrobble?

    There is an option for that in the iphone settings (gears icon), down in the application specific settings.

  • Where exactly am I looking for the Application Specific settings? There's no separate setting for Last.fm

    Music is my life.. ♪
  • u go to settings and then u go all the way down and look for last.fm

    • JGitto sa...
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    • 29 mar 2012, 18:20

    I have a new computer and now my iPhone won't scrobble

    I'm having the same problem accept my iPhone used to Scrobble. Recently my computer was stolen and since I have been connected to my new one I cannot get my listened to music off of my phone :'( it's annoying

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