when in italy? | voiceover support?

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    • 29 feb 2012, 20:16

    when in italy? | voiceover support?

    I am a user from italy
    I'd like to know, when and if, we will have the possibility to get last.fm official application in our country! We are a paying country, I would not like to pay my 36 euros every year just to listen my music while I am at home!
    It's 2 years I am waiting for this...
    then, another question:
    does last.fm support voiceover? the feature included in iPhone and iPod touch that allows blind people to use iDevices?
    The site does support it, I am using a macbook pro right now and I am writing without any trouble
    but I'd like to know if for this year I'll have the surprise...last.fm app in italy and with voiceover support!
    I feel to ask a miracle to say "voiceover and siri support", as siri is not international yet. But...
    OK, let me know
    especially for the availability in italy, then, for voiceover, if it comes out I'd give you feedbacks to improve it
    I just read some threads some time, that is, "jailbreak your device" or "create a new ID apple pretending to be american"
    but jailbreak has problems with voiceover, and, for the ID apple, I suppose I'd lose all my apps! and if I come back to my original ID, I'd lose last.fm!
    let me know

  • We don't have a specific date to announce at this time for when the app will be available in Italy. Apple doesn't allow third party apps to interact with Siri, however voiceover support should be built in. If there are any buttons in the app that are missing a voiceover label, please let us know and we'll add a label for it.

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    • 4 mar 2012, 19:40
    well, for siri I know it is still in beta version, so, there is no way to make it work as "launch *application"... it just searches for informations on web or writes messages and mails, and so on.
    But I think this feature will develop long! it's just matter of time.

    About last.fm and voiceover support, I cannot give you any feedback because, as I said, I cannot download the application from my iPhone with my apple ID
    I find this a little absurd, as, last.fm for iPhone/iPod is just available in the 3 countries where last.fm is not paid! :S
    Maybe it is a matter of agreements and copyright, isn't it?
    I hope last.fm finds a solution soon, to cover iPhone users from all over the world; it's a year and half I am waiting!

  • International version

    @c99koder: can you please upload the app for International users?

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