iPhone scrobbles missed. Can I get em up?

    • minusben sa...
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    • 17 jan 2012, 09:29

    iPhone scrobbles missed. Can I get em up?

    Today I updated iTunes and Last.fm client (for OSX) to the Very Latest Version, but as a result about 200 or so scrobbles that were on the iPhone were missed.

    New iPhone scrobbles are picked up fine. The missed ones have come up on 'Recently Played' on iTunes, but not by the last.fm client, unfortunately.

    So - any way to get last.fm to recognise the missed scrobbles in the iTunes 'Recently Played' list?

    Ben: what a loser
  • iPod/iPhone scrobbling is not an exact science i'm afraid. I'd suggest reading the iPod scrobbling FAQ. That said, personally when scrobbles have been missed they have been picked up at a later date on connection to the PC.

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