iphone last.fm scrobbles too fast!!

  • iphone last.fm scrobbles too fast!!

    On the web site I kind of choose the songs to scrobble by letting it playing for more than 50% of the song.....if i like the track its good to scrobble....but if it´s a shit music i change the track fast and it doesnt get inside my library...

    The thing is in iphone as soon as the track starst to play it is already on my library even if it is a song that i dont like!!!! is this happen to everytobdy??? is this a iphone bug?? can i change this?? how to listen to last fm songs but scrobble only the GOOD stuff like i do here in the website version but on the iphone??


    • bas121 sa...
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    • 8 jan 2012, 01:59



    Redigerad av Knapster01 den 17 jan 2012, 13:18
  • spam????

  • There is a big bug inside Last fm and we need to fix this!

  • Tracks will scrobble at 30 secs (if the track is < 1 minute), or at half-way through the track for longer tracks.

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