Use Zune To Scrobble?

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    • 1 nov 2010, 21:11

    Use Zune To Scrobble?

    I'm aware that WP7 does not currently allow live scrobbling on the phone but would it not be possible to scrobble to when the device is connected to the pc and syncs playcounts with the Zune Software?

    The Last.FM App currently supports the iPod in this way, and there are third party apps that do exactly this for the Zune but they don't seem to detect WP7 Devices.

  • Microsoft has never added 3rd party plugin support in Zune... unless they added Scrobble-support themselves.
    The API of the iPod is a lot more open than the Zune-API

    Remember to say "thank you" for the things you haven't had
  • Zune subscription is itself... Never tried it myself, since phones are not being sold in Canada yet, but looks very interesting. It's definitely not a good thing for existing users who keep stats of what they listened to. On the other hand, who cares if you just love listening to music?

    Regarding the Zune API, is there one? Can you post a link please?

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    • 4 nov 2010, 20:23
    Zune subscription is more like Spotify... infact it's exactly like spotify just instead of having offline "playlists" you download the actual music files and they become part of your collection, with the ability to transfer them to the market etc. Of course you can also just stream music.

    It does seem to have some sort of limited play counter similar to Last.FM but I can't get it to work, it isn't as feature friendly as in that way and it doesn't have radio as far as I can see.

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  • windows phone 7 app development?

    I'm currently developing an app using C# for windows phone 7.
    i need a database to store stuff like user account information etc.
    what database do you recommend and is there are code on how to establish the connection to the database?

  • Re: windows phone 7 app development?

    There is no local database available for current version of WP7. If you simply need to store data like user preferences, use isolated storage. Otherwise web services is the only solution...

    By the way, join this group if you are interested :-)

  • Scrobbler for Zune

    Guys, it would be really nice if we had a Scrobbler for Zune software like the one you have for iTunes and WMP. Zune is a very nice and capable software and since I got my Windows Phone 7, I've been using that.

    Best Wishes to the team,

    'Pride meets failure'
  • Right now, you can use other 3rd Party apps like Zuse and Zenses to scrobble from the software and the actual Zune MP3 Player (respectively).

    I come in value packs of ten, in five varieties.
  • Thanks!!!

    Thanks mate!

    'Pride meets failure'
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    • 2 dec 2010, 23:52
    So let's see the situation here.

    I can either use Zune+Zuse, but never be able to sync my device or no, but I can sync my device.

    And Zenses2 can't find my device.

    Sad me is sad :(

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    • 9 dec 2010, 00:41

    I completely agree it is nonsense with those 3rd party apps. I want to use Zune and have scrobble my music. So i can find even more music. Thats all.

    Please Last.Fm! Help us!

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    • 22 dec 2010, 15:02
    So what I've decided to do is keep Zuse around. I miss too much. I only sync my device twice a day, so it's not too much trouble to launch Zune normally to sync my device, then open Zuse to continue using

    I don't expect Zuse to figure out how to count songs played on my device like did for the iPod, but I sure as hell didn't expect it to not let my sync it.

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