• hd 7 probs

    Hi all ,I have a UK HTC hd7 ,I downloaded last fm ,set up account no probe ,when I try and stream a song it streams for exactly 1 min and 5 seconds then stops ,this happens on all songs ,any ideas guys ,,

    Cheers justin

  • Are you connected via wifi or 3G? Have you tried removing and reinstalling the app?

  • hd7

    It does it on both WiFi and 3g ,also deleted and reinstalled ,still cuts off after 1min 5 secs

  • Which version of Windows Phone are you using (the OS)? Make sure you have updated to the latest version.

    We've tested the app here on a WP 7.5 HTC 7 and the app works without issue.

  • Are you still having trouble? Works great on my phone.

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