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  • Windows Phone 7 Feature Request website

    I've started a feature request on the new Windows Phone 7 feature request website, proposing the idea to further integrate musical social media sites such as in to the Zune client and phone music player. Microsoft have expanded messaging to integrate with more social media than just Facebook, so why not apply the same philosophy to their music player? They've already worked with on xbox.

    The site requires registration then you gain 10 points to apply votes to other user's suggestions or you can add your own. You can vote for my suggestion here:

    I realise MS see Zune as a competing product to some extent, but if users keep campaigning and hard enough hopefully MS will get the message and either work with to get their app up to speed or implement something internally.

    ..hey I'm an optomist

  • OMG! I totally second this petition. Now, don't limit your imagination. Imagine having Zune show up in Facebook like Spotify now with Facebook's Open Graph!

    • Qth sa...
    • Användare
    • 8 okt 2011, 11:31

    • neogills sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 okt 2011, 15:09
    sound great! i appreciate you for sharing this...

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