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    I love because it's a great way to track the music I listen to. Can't express that enough. I'm also really beginning to enjoy Spotify, because I'll be online reading about an artist or album and can then just get onto my Spotify account and listen to whatever it is I was reading about. It used to be that I'd have to decide if I wanted to spend money on it or not, and sometimes I'd forget and never get around to hearing something. Now days I can be reading about something one minute and listening to it the next, and that is just wonderful.

    However, one thing that pisses me off to no end in regards to Spotify is their tagging. Their song titles are screwed up so often! Especially with older music, but with new music as well.

    The most frequent example of this is when there is some specific version of a song, and the title on Spotify will be like "Song Title - Edit" or "Song Title - Live in Mississippi" or whatever. It should just say "Song Title", otherwise I wind up on one of those track pages where there are like 100 listeners for a song that actually has thousands of listeners. But that situation is at least understandable, since they're trying to be more specific about a song's origins. What's worse is when song titles are misspelled, or when something that should be in parenthesis is in brackets instead. Like really, who is in charge of that stuff over there? There are some occasions of this stuff where I feel like they must be going out of their way to get it wrong. Sometimes songs will even have "Im" in the title when it should be "I'm", etc. I suppose it isn't that bad to simply look at (I understand what they mean well enough to play the song I'm looking for), but I love shouting on tracks and things like that, so it's irritating when a song I'm listening to doesn't correspond with the song title on You know?

    Obviously can't just tell Spotify to fix their tagging, that would be weird. (Spotify should really fix their damn tagging though.) But on's end, what's frustrating is that it takes a lot for a track name to be changed. The bottom line is that I just want to play music and then do whatever while I listen to it, and all the while is recording my plays. Instead, I find myself going to track page after track page in order to "suggest a correction" for something that is clearly wrong. But not everyone does this, so a lot of these corrections won't take place for months and months if they ever take place at all. And that makes me sad.

    So I guess my point is that, since there probably isn't a way to get Spotify to be more proficient in naming things, I wish there was a way to expedite the process of fixing album names and song titles here on

  • Myself and a few other users have been saying for years that there needs to be a few 'editors' here that are willing to clean up the data. I'd love to be able to do it, as just like you, it annoys me to no end to see all these mis-spelled and mis-tagged titles scattered all over the place, and like you say it'd be better if all the shouts, tags etc were all on the one page. But, it's been a problem for a LONG time, and so far nobody at seems willing to let a few trustworthy users go around and do their best to fix the problem.

    • lemonith sa...
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    • 23 jun 2012, 01:18
    Spotify is a pain when it comes to tags :( I agree, there should be an easier way to correct wrong tags. The way it is now, it seems really random if a song gets corrected or not (depending on how many people vote? Not completely sure how it works).

    It would be nice if we could at least correct the songs in our own playlist if we KNOW that Spotify made a mistake. Right now I'm having a problem with the band Dúné. Spotify just calls them Dune which is a different band and there is no way to correct it. Not a big problem, but it still bothers me.

    • Greg9386 sa...
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    • 31 jul 2012, 16:25
    Spotify is the worst thing that happened to ever :( their tagging is worse than probably illegal streaming services xD (no spaces, hyphens instead of brackets, spelling mistakes, or play AL's album "Let Go" and you'll hear "Under My Skin" album and vice versa). The good news is that iTunes streaming music service will be launched soon, I hope, then Adieu Spotify :)
    Anyway I'm quite disappointed with staff that they haven't done almost anything to correct tags automatically as manual correcting takes ages. I've corrected a lot of tags and they're still wrongly tagged. I don't think it's very challenging for computer engineers to correct for example the tracks that end with " - Radio Edit" to "(Radio Edit)" automatically.
    I still hope one day will somehow solve this problem which is Spotify.

    • Greg9386 sa...
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    • 18 sep 2012, 17:26
    • d0l sa...
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    • 17 nov 2012, 13:29
    One of the best examples of this is the bis artist page. 6 artists go by "bis", one being a Japanese girl band... Not many people actually even listen to that Japanese band under the tag "bis", but somehow the main image has been changed to the Japanese band, and all related artists are Japanese girl bands that bear no resemblance to the main bis group
    People have been suggesting "BiS" for use with the Japanese one, but it seems no one's bothered to fix it yet.
    I guess it doesn't matter ultimately, it's just kind of super annoying and I wish would pick up the slack and either fix it themselves or do as OP said and appoint members with the ability to fix these things instead of waiting indefinitely for a staff member to approve them.

    • juepucta sa...
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    • 25 nov 2012, 21:19
    It's not so much fixing - it's asking services that scrobble to comply with certain rules, in this casse MB rules for tagging. But, thing is, Spotify has all the leverage. It's vey unlikely they will comply. The other smaller services, maybe - but not Spotify. And, worse case scenario, Spotify just passes the buck and says that it's the label doing the shitty tagging when uploading (which is sorta true).

    The more services scrobble, the more messed up tags are gonna get :/


    • grahammm sa...
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    • 27 dec 2012, 17:18
    Though it could be argued that the tagging made by the label should be definitive.

    • juepucta sa...
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    • 30 dec 2012, 20:07
    No sir.

    One look at tags submitted to legal streaming services and you'll never entertain that thought again.


    • ManDirky sa...
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    • 16 jan 2013, 16:30
    That's the reason I only scrobble from my hard drive.

  • What people discussing and/or fighting over this for years ( scrobbles user data for 10 years now) need to realise is that all streaming services get their content from labels in huge amounts, sometimes renewed in very short periods of time. And these labels all use their own way of tagging artists, albums and tracks, even if there are sites like MusicBrainz which try to define common general rules for the existing problems. These individual methods have been used in their own catalogues for decades, because they had to face the problems and find a solution for sorting their recordings as well.

    Take a look at the Spotify support forums for example or any other streaming service with an open forum and read the topics about composer vs. performer as artist, misspelt tracks etc. So the sites usually publish the uploaded recordings 1:1 with the tagging used by the labels, because it simply is too much work to handle any manual corrections on them, and any reupload of albums will revert the possible corrections, too. That is why you see so many wrong tags on any streaming service site. at least has the option to suggest corrections for track and artist names and is working on album corrections. If too few users make use of this option, it is a sign that not too many users care about it. As far as I know, there are some user groups who organise themselves to vote for corrections which makes sense if you want to have a name being auto-corrected.

    The bottom line is that there is no 100% correct solution for tagging all artists, albums and tracks existing on the planet, even if some users pretend that there would be one.

    • juepucta sa...
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    • 21 jan 2013, 22:30
    I am aware of what you say. that is why i think Last should ask their partners to have cleaner tags. Usually Last negotiates with partners (streaming services for example) and gives more than it gets back - at least they should ask for clean tags.

    Thing is, labels probably have some intern working for free doing the tagging with no standard established or coherence even within their own catalog. They don't give a crap.


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