Forum rules: Please read before posting.

  • Forum rules: Please read before posting.

    Some rules and guidelines to make life a bit easier for everyone here in the for Spotify support forum. Thanks for reading :)

    Before creating a thread:
    • Read the FAQ for for Spotify, and have a look at our main website FAQ as well.
    • Check if there currently are any "Read First" threads about known issues or common problems.
    • Have a look at's System Status to see if there are currently any problems with e.g. radio streaming.
    • Search the forum, and read all the front page topics with a title remotely similar to the problem you're having.
    • Prepare as much information as possible to give us in your post - the more information you give us, the easier it is for us to help you.

    When writing your new thread:
    • Please take the extra effort to write in clear English, it makes your post much easier to read.
    • Use a descriptive title. "I can’t login" or "How can I play my recommended albums?" are good titles. "WTF??" or just "Spotify" are bad titles. Descriptive titles make it easier for people with the same problem as you to find your thread.
    • Give as much information as possible. What issue exactly do you encounter, what triggers this problem? The more information in your post, the quicker your reply with a useful answer is likely to be.

    Things that should not be posted in this forum:
    • Questions or other comments about Spotify in general, or other Spotify applications. This forum is for support for for Spotify only.
    • General discussions or chat; this is a support forum. If you want to talk to other for Spotify users, you can use this group's shoutbox.
    • General feedback about The general feedback forum is here.
    • Always write in English, we can't respond to queries in other languages.

    When posting in forums, please always make sure you follow our Terms of Use, Community Guidelines and General Forum Rules.

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