Missing data from metro charts API

  • Missing data from metro charts API

    There are several sets of weeks where the charts for all metropolitan areas either have abnormally few listens or no data whatsoever. See the visualization on my blog post here.

    Is there any explanation for those horizontal bands on that visualization?

  • Here are some more details that might be helpful for confirming/debugging the problem:

    The following is a list of weeks in which global activity was suspiciously low (in unix timestamps indicating the start of each week, as the API uses):

    Problematic week: 1241352000
    Problematic week: 1252843200
    Problematic week: 1269777600
    Problematic week: 1292760000
    Problematic week: 1328443200

    For example, the API indicates that nothing was listened to in Paris in the first week in the above list:


    in this call, the API claims the same about London in that week:

    Those weeks are the main issues. In the last couple months there seems to be another issue where there are localized problems, but these aren't as problematic, and there's a higher chance that it's just caused by flakiness in my code or the API sometimes (but not always) returning empty results---so this is a different class of problem.

    • Omar711 sa...
    • Alumni
    • 31 maj 2012, 13:07
    Hi Conrad,

    I've updated the charts for the weeks you specified. Most of them stretch back to when those charts were newly added; I imagine that they were tweaking their generation and so on, and that some weeks were missed.

    Anyway, the updated ones look better to me. Hope they're of use.


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