• abhin4v sa...
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    • 6 jun 2006, 13:10

    User Images

    I was going through the WebService Data Feeds and noticed that the user profile feeds do not contain the URL of user's avatar/image. But the friend list feeds contain the avatar URLs. And the image names are some random strings like http://static.last.fm/avatar/49e783043e056b6c2794ea8ab741ac80.jpg .
    So can someone tell me how the image names are generated and how do they relate to the user's profile? Is there any way to access the avatar's URL through the user's profile? And what is the "mbox_sha1sum" tags means in the user profile?

    • muz sa...
    • Alumni
    • 7 jun 2006, 10:39
    I beileve it's just the MD5 value of the username with the file extension on the end, accordingly.

  • The filename is in fact the MD5 hash of the username. The mbox_sha1sum appears to be the sha1sum of the email address you signed up with.

    Does anyone know of a way to derive the profile image's extension without spidering the userpage? Perhaps I should start a new thread in this forum requesting the extension be added to the profile.xml feed... it'd help me out. I'm currently working on a script that guesses .jpg first, and on failure tries a .gif, and if that fails it displays the user default image. Unfortunately, if a user changes their profile image from a jpg to a gif, the old jpg is not deleted from the server, which means my script displays their older profile image.

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