• song length rule will increase for lsc03!

  • Hey there, hate to have missed it, but, if it is on WEDNESDAYS and SUNDAYS I will always miss it, sadly...as I might have said earlier I work at a video rental store and not only due to this each Wednesday and Sunday, the whole afternoon to evening, sometimes you can say the whole DAY, is our movie watching day. I meet up with other ppl and watch 2-5 movies on each Wednesday and Sunday. I am a dedicated worker at my video rental and people always ask me what's good and what's not. Of course I recommend different films to different people, but to do so, I have to watch them, and I do so with my friends, since 8 years, and this will never change. So sorry for my absence on these 2 days.

    But, I just had to log in and see who won, congratulations to TheeFringe (Listener is cool) and thanx again to cxbmusic for that awesome track by LOVE <3 but also to everyone else again.

    So next time a song has to be at least 5 minutes long? O.k. now I can't use the track I wanted. This is a bit tough now I have to find another one and I think this will need listening to many more records then before I can decide. My song would have been 3:42. No exceptions, right? I have to choose one that's at least 5 mins now...ok...

    would 4:47 be o.k.? Else this is gonna be really tough for me now

    Redigerad av veggiecannibal2 den 14 mar 2012, 23:05
  • Awesome. :d

    Edit: Thanks Veggie :)

  • No you can choose any song under 10mins! wb veggie!

  • ill send out mails with full details later!

  • oh ok, great, I but now I have another problem,I can't decide between 2 songs, now I guess I am gonna play them all night long until I decide. ...decisions, decisions...;) I bet you all need some time to make a choice, right?

  • The list of songs I'd like to present is growing longer and longer...
    And when I finally found an artist, I play through the songs again. :D

    Wollt ich leben und sterben wie ein Toastbrot im Regen?
  • harajukudude said:
    @david , im the master of suspense! thanks for the 10 jamzo2009

    Chelsea Wolfe is the shit.

    • Jd_Jd_Jd sa...
    • Användare
    • 15 mar 2012, 17:50
    Congratulations to TheeFringe for winning this round.
    Listener was a nice discovery.

    Recommended group: The Last.fm Song Contest!

    • Jd_Jd_Jd sa...
    • Användare
    • 15 mar 2012, 17:52
    btw: Any chance on a round with songs that are over 10 minutes long? So I can suggest some of my favourites :p

    Recommended group: The Last.fm Song Contest!

  • The 5min song rule will be lifted again in the future! to what i'm not sure! it all depends on how many people are participating!

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