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    • kerubim sa...
    • Användare
    • 24 maj 2009, 16:46

    Questions & Problems

    Old account
    I got a question, because unfortunatley I deleted my old account, and created a new one under the same name.
    I still have the files for the old account stored on my hard disk, but Extra Stats now only shows me the data for the new one.
    Is it possible to merge them into one database?

    • C26000 sa...
    • Användare
    • 24 maj 2009, 20:41
    mmm can you send me the files that you currently have from your old account?, I think that I can help you with a work around to do this but I need the data first.

    • kerubim sa...
    • Användare
    • 31 maj 2009, 15:25
    Yes, great, you need the Shared Database/users/myaccount folder?

    • C26000 sa...
    • Användare
    • 31 maj 2009, 18:28
    exactly that folder is what I need :) , you can zip it and upload it to mediafire or rapidshare.

    • kerubim sa...
    • Användare
    • 1 jun 2009, 21:51
    here it comes:

    thanks a lot!! :-)

    • C26000 sa...
    • Användare
    • 3 jun 2009, 00:09
    I found a way to do it, is a bit cumbersome but it worked for me:

    1. Open Extra Stats , enter your user name and press enter. the wavegraph for your new account should be displayed.

    2. Close Extra Stats and open your "weeklychartlist.xml" file in a text editor paste this text just after kerubin">

    <chart from="1112529601" to="1113134401"/>
    <chart from="1113134400" to="1113739200"/>
    <chart from="1113739202" to="1114344002"/>
    <chart from="1114344001" to="1114948801"/>
    <chart from="1114965332" to="1115570132"/>
    <chart from="1115553600" to="1116158400"/>
    <chart from="1116759602" to="1117364402"/>
    <chart from="1117364401" to="1117969201"/>
    <chart from="1117969201" to="1118574001"/>
    <chart from="1118577601" to="1119182401"/>
    <chart from="1119182401" to="1119787201"/>
    <chart from="1119787202" to="1120392002"/>
    <chart from="1120392002" to="1120996802"/>
    <chart from="1120996803" to="1121601603"/>
    <chart from="1121601602" to="1122206402"/>
    <chart from="1122206401" to="1122811201"/>
    <chart from="1124625601" to="1125230401"/>
    <chart from="1125230401" to="1125835201"/>
    <chart from="1143374402" to="1143979202"/>
    <chart from="1144584000" to="1145188800"/>
    <chart from="1145793600" to="1146398400"/>
    <chart from="1146398400" to="1147003200"/>
    <chart from="1147608000" to="1148212800"/>
    <chart from="1148212800" to="1148817600"/>
    <chart from="1148817600" to="1149422400"/>
    <chart from="1149422400" to="1150027200"/>
    <chart from="1151841600" to="1152446400"/>
    <chart from="1152446400" to="1153051200"/>
    <chart from="1153051200" to="1153656000"/>
    <chart from="1155470400" to="1156075200"/>
    <chart from="1156075200" to="1156680000"/>
    <chart from="1156680000" to="1157284800"/>
    <chart from="1157284800" to="1157889600"/>
    <chart from="1157889600" to="1158494400"/>
    <chart from="1158494400" to="1159099200"/>
    <chart from="1159099200" to="1159704000"/>
    <chart from="1159704000" to="1160308800"/>
    <chart from="1160308800" to="1160913600"/>
    <chart from="1160913600" to="1161518400"/>
    <chart from="1161518400" to="1162123200"/>
    <chart from="1162123200" to="1162728000"/>
    <chart from="1162728000" to="1163332800"/>
    <chart from="1163332800" to="1163937600"/>
    <chart from="1163937600" to="1164542400"/>
    <chart from="1164542400" to="1165147200"/>
    <chart from="1165147200" to="1165752000"/>
    <chart from="1165752000" to="1166356800"/>
    <chart from="1166356800" to="1166961600"/>
    <chart from="1166961600" to="1167566400"/>
    <chart from="1167566400" to="1168171200"/>
    <chart from="1168171200" to="1168776000"/>
    <chart from="1168776000" to="1169380800"/>
    <chart from="1169380800" to="1169985600"/>
    <chart from="1169985600" to="1170590400"/>
    <chart from="1170590400" to="1171195200"/>
    <chart from="1171195200" to="1171800000"/>
    <chart from="1171800000" to="1172404800"/>
    <chart from="1172404800" to="1173009600"/>
    <chart from="1173009600" to="1173614400"/>
    <chart from="1173614400" to="1174219200"/>
    <chart from="1174219200" to="1174824000"/>
    <chart from="1174824000" to="1175428800"/>
    <chart from="1175428800" to="1176033600"/>
    <chart from="1176033600" to="1176638400"/>
    <chart from="1176638400" to="1177243200"/>
    <chart from="1177243200" to="1177848000"/>
    <chart from="1177848000" to="1178452800"/>
    <chart from="1178452800" to="1179057600"/>
    <chart from="1179057600" to="1179662400"/>
    <chart from="1179662400" to="1180267200"/>
    <chart from="1180267200" to="1180872000"/>
    <chart from="1180872000" to="1181476800"/>
    <chart from="1181476800" to="1182081600"/>
    <chart from="1182081600" to="1182686400"/>
    <chart from="1182686400" to="1183291200"/>
    <chart from="1183291200" to="1183896000"/>
    <chart from="1183896000" to="1184500800"/>
    <chart from="1184500800" to="1185105600"/>
    <chart from="1185105600" to="1185710400"/>
    <chart from="1185710400" to="1186315200"/>
    <chart from="1186315200" to="1186920000"/>
    <chart from="1186920000" to="1187524800"/>
    <chart from="1187524800" to="1188129600"/>
    <chart from="1188129600" to="1188734400"/>
    <chart from="1188734400" to="1189339200"/>
    <chart from="1189944000" to="1190548800"/>
    <chart from="1190548800" to="1191153600"/>
    <chart from="1191153600" to="1191758400"/>
    <chart from="1191758400" to="1192363200"/>
    <chart from="1192363200" to="1192968000"/>
    <chart from="1192968000" to="1193572800"/>
    <chart from="1193572800" to="1194177600"/>
    <chart from="1194177600" to="1194782400"/>
    <chart from="1194782400" to="1195387200"/>
    <chart from="1195387200" to="1195992000"/>
    <chart from="1195992000" to="1196596800"/>
    <chart from="1196596800" to="1197201600"/>
    <chart from="1197201600" to="1197806400"/>
    <chart from="1197806400" to="1198411200"/>
    <chart from="1198411200" to="1199016000"/>
    <chart from="1199016000" to="1199620800"/>
    <chart from="1199620800" to="1200225600"/>
    <chart from="1200225600" to="1200830400"/>
    <chart from="1200830400" to="1201435200"/>
    <chart from="1201435200" to="1202040000"/>
    <chart from="1202040000" to="1202644800"/>
    <chart from="1202644800" to="1203249600"/>
    <chart from="1203249600" to="1203854400"/>
    <chart from="1203854400" to="1204459200"/>
    <chart from="1204459200" to="1205064000"/>
    <chart from="1205064000" to="1205668800"/>
    <chart from="1205668800" to="1206273600"/>
    <chart from="1206273600" to="1206878400"/>
    <chart from="1206878400" to="1207483200"/>
    <chart from="1207483200" to="1208088000"/>
    <chart from="1208088000" to="1208692800"/>
    <chart from="1208692800" to="1209297600"/>
    <chart from="1209297600" to="1209902400"/>
    <chart from="1209902400" to="1210507200"/>
    <chart from="1210507200" to="1211112000"/>
    <chart from="1211112000" to="1211716800"/>
    <chart from="1211716800" to="1212321600"/>
    <chart from="1212321600" to="1212926400"/>
    <chart from="1212926400" to="1213531200"/>
    <chart from="1213531200" to="1214136000"/>
    <chart from="1214136000" to="1214740800"/>
    <chart from="1214740800" to="1215345600"/>
    <chart from="1215345600" to="1215950400"/>
    <chart from="1215950400" to="1216555200"/>
    <chart from="1216555200" to="1217160000"/>
    <chart from="1218369600" to="1218974400"/>
    <chart from="1218974400" to="1219579200"/>
    <chart from="1219579200" to="1220184000"/>
    <chart from="1220184000" to="1220788800"/>
    <chart from="1220788800" to="1221393600"/>

    3. Save the file as "Weeklychartlist.XMLBACKUP"

    4. Open " extra stats"

    5. Make a copy of "Weeklychartlist.XMLBACKUP" and rename it to "weeklychartlist.xml"

    6. Enter your user name in extra stats and press enter. the wavegraph for your old and new accounts should be displayed.

    You should do this full procedure every week and 4,5 and 6 everytime you want to use the program.

    It's not a perfect solution but it works :)

    • kerubim sa...
    • Användare
    • 9 jun 2009, 23:17
    Awesome, thanks a lot, it works! :-)

    I have no clue of all this, but why should I repeat the whole procedere every week?

    • C26000 sa...
    • Användare
    • 10 jun 2009, 12:18
    because every week the downloaded "weeklychartlist.xml" from includes a new line like this "<chart from="1220788800" to="1221393600"/>" that represents the last week chart , so you need to update your "Weeklychartlist.XMLBACKUP" file in order to get the full graph that includes all your listening history weeks. If you knew what are the numbers that represent last week it would be as easy as opening "Weeklychartlist.XMLBACKUP" and adding that line, but it's easier and safer to let handle that part.

    • mcdozer sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 jul 2009, 22:55

    What About mp3 download statistics?

    What About mp3 download statistics?
    In my opinion one major drawback about & something I miss from the old days

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