• eoffner sa...
    • Användare
    • 16 dec 2010, 18:26


    Forming out of Purchase College, Wyldlife quickly strided into the New York music scene with a pair of leather boots on their feet and a mission in their hearts: to bury the days of tame rock and roll. Still digging on their collection of 70’s punk and power pop, perhaps the boys were born into the entirely wrong decade altogether? Or perhaps they realize that to get an audience on its feet, all that’s needed is a fast beat and a loud melody- a timeless simplicity enhanced with refined grit that has (nearly) been lost in today’s clutter of rock boredom.

    Check out their music on either their Last.fm page or myspace!


  • Thanx for the heads up man.......this is why I love alst.fm and this group:):)

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