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  • roaddog23

    good its over the beta now let them bring back the old lastfm Subber I am getting tried of seeing video from people who think they can play a guitar playing guitar from artist

    juli 2015
  • roaddog23

    My problem is spotify can find lastfm when its running but lastfm can't find spotify

    juli 2015
  • mercalli12

    What last.fm needs ist evolution. Don't destroy all your content and piss of all your loyal users. listen carefully.

    juli 2015
  • rezber

    dont like it. DO NOT WANT [5]

    juli 2015
  • Unde_Scream

    dont like it. DO NOT WANT [4]

    juli 2015
  • flastu

    Do it. Thank you very much for this decision on making the new UI!!

    juli 2015
  • MetalHeadCrab

    Here's some feedback: the interface isn't broken, the g_d damn radio player is! Priorities! Sub-Genre/Tag station is a joke, half the time it plays a handful of songs on repeat. You want subscribers? Give people what they want. I am done complaining into the void and ether. You seem hell-bent on destroying the last refuge for music discovery, discussion, artist bio wiki and social expression. Anyone who knows of a better website PM me or leave a shout.

    juni 2015
  • roaddog23

    this use to be a nice blat form an til American tech got in to it its been gone to hail in a hand Basic no wounder we are 57th in Educates and other Country's lough at use I would

    juni 2015
  • Naty_Gabrielle

    dont like it. DO NOT WANT [3]

    juni 2015
  • Jeff_moose

    dont like it. DO NOT WANT [2]

    juni 2015
  • roots_reggae


    maj 2015
  • roots_reggae

    dont like it. DO NOT WANT

    maj 2015
  • fernbom

    New beta/alpha out today! :)

    april 2015
  • sifelltneytandi

    lol remember when they used to do shit with this website?

    december 2014
  • SillyMusicLover

    Bye bye beta bye bye

    juli 2013
  • HimitsuUK

    You beta you beta you bet.

    mars 2013
  • ratio99

    Me gusta la beta. Aunque aun espero que exista la alternativa de un player minimizado. En cuanto a la beta en si, en macosx funciona perfectamente no así en Win7, donde se "cuelga" muchas veces especialmente cuando se modifica el volumen del audio desde la aplicación.

    oktober 2012
  • victimex

    I DO NOT love the beta. Neither do I find it better than the former version. I don't like the links on profiles and artists page being on the top, it's so confusing for the ones that were used to the last version. It just doesn't look good or right. The most annoying fact is that you didn't redesign the whole site, you just tweaked some stuff. and it's totally useless. very very useless. why not fully redesign the site? I just don't get it.

    augusti 2012
  • MetalHeart87

    I love the beta.

    juli 2012
  • saxjan

    I find it annoying that, in the newest beta, the tags aren't kept as they have been entered before, anyone agree with me?

    april 2012

    Happy Holidays to everyone and have a fantastic New Year (2012)

    december 2011
  • Marllowss

    oktober 2011
  • Rafaelsl18

    soundverite use the adblock plus extension for chromme or firefox . it will block all ad in last.fm

    juni 2011
  • soundverite

    Sorry guys, not sure this is the right place to talk about it, btw puttin up commercials WITH SOUNDS on last.fm is ridiculous. I mean, all the people are here to listen to the music and discover new stuff... it really really sucks.

    mars 2011
  • LowBrass22

    Add me

    mars 2011
  • DeeViant1

    Install Google Chrome and this extension and you can play any playable song on last.fm. Even your loved tracks, and anyones library, playlists or loved tracks.

    mars 2011
  • caubyandrade

    I think last.fm have to focus on social network a litlte more... Why not a live chat, like Facebook? Get this chat, put in windows live messenger, like facebook, and voila!

    februari 2011
  • sasha_reds

    Is there any plans to fix issue with disambiguation of artists? Thanks A.

    november 2010
  • wsc35

    For the love of god do the filtering of neighbors for sex and the city

    oktober 2010
  • ontheedge18

    google chrome + last.fm + instant lyrics = love. / last.fm scrobbler + ymsg last.fm broadcaster = love :)

    september 2010
  • xTonyxFB


    september 2010
  • KevinMeuser


    juni 2010
  • Victor712005

    New Grain Space album "Most unusual " out now. Listen and free download it here . http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Grain+Space/Most+unusual

    april 2010
  • AftermarketXx

    I wish the site would work on the unlimited listening thing soon.. If that's even something that would be feasible. The Xbox thing is great. heisert, I'm guessing Microsoft and last.fm made some kind of deal so I'm thinking that the PS3 thing may never happen. Which kind of sucks for hard core Playstation fans. It's some sort of computer alliance lulz.

    april 2010
  • heisert

    LastFM for Playstation3 Idea: http://share.blog.us.playstation.com/ideas/2010/03/26/lastfm-ps3-app/ plz vote!

    april 2010
  • jose_SiC92

    Alguien quiere una invitación a Lockerz??? Si queréis una enviadme un mensaje privado con vuestro correo para enviartela! :D

    mars 2010
  • Peiper22

    Please leave me a shout! Thanks!

    februari 2010
  • DaybreaksBell

    http://www.lastfm.pl/group/I+do+not+use+Winamp ;d

    februari 2010
  • emergingsynergy

    I've been a member for ages, but am trimming down my groups. I am leaving this one. I only hope that if there is any beta action in the future that someone lets me know! Cheers!

    januari 2010
  • jose_SiC92


    januari 2010
  • LamieLa

    All The Happiest Wishes to everybody!!!! Love and Peace in Hearts...

    december 2009
  • MigueleMetal

    Merry Xmas erveryone!! Greetings..

    december 2009
  • swapbeat

    come and listen to r.stirbys, help to spread his music, he has good music for u everyone

    december 2009
  • Paulsmitz

    iScrobble Premium has just been updated! Scrobbling on your iPhone or iPod Touch! The Easy Way! :) http://clkuk.tradedoubler.com/click?p=23708&a=1675068&url=http%3A%2F%2Fitunes.apple.com%2FWebObjects%2FMZStore.woa%2Fwa%2FviewArtist%3Fid%3D319584506%26uo%3D6%26partnerId%3D2003

    november 2009
  • RoseEtNoire

    :-) - The Other Colors

    november 2009
  • logosrec

    The Best Colection Of 2009 - Logos Volume 2

    oktober 2009
  • AftermarketXx

    Is everything stagnant now? Not very active I've noticed. =oO

    oktober 2009
  • AftermarketXx

    Oh lordy.

    oktober 2009
  • Bodysnatcher94

    where i can i download the beta?

    oktober 2009
  • Paulsmitz

    check out iScrobble for iPhone for more accurate scrobbling from your iPhone or iPod Touch!!! http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=328295497&mt=8

    september 2009