Choosing playlist for profile?

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    • 22 maj 2008, 23:07

    Choosing playlist for profile?

    The following facts are true:
    (1) we can now create multiple playlists - yay!
    (2) by default, a playlist always appears in the player on your profile page

    The question is: what determines which playlist appears on your profile? For me, it seems to always display my most recently-created playlist.

    Ideally there should be a way of choosing which of your playlists is displayed on the profile. Something simple like a "display on profile" button on the Playlists page; when clicked, it sets that playlist as the new default.

    • Iveldie sa...
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    • 23 maj 2008, 05:45
    I am agree with you, I created a new playlist and now my old one has dissaperaed of my profile

  • same. the old one disappeared. but multiple playlists are awesome. i think this problem goes together with the old site still being up and using somehow the same data. so it collides at some points.

  • i agree. i had to delete the new playlist :(

  • ya me too since i'm embedding the other playlist somewhere else and it showed the "no content" message.

    • flaneur sa...
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    • 23 maj 2008, 10:41
    We hope to add the ability to select which playlist goes into your player soon! For the moment it uses the most recently-created one.

    We're also aware of an issue where creating multiple playlists on beta can cause your playlist to vanish from the live site, sorry about that.

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    • 3 jul 2008, 10:11
    Big bump!

    Is there any progress on this? I hope it hasn't been forgotten about. Right now, it's still very hard to get the playlist of your choice to appear on your profile.

    I'm not sure what the logic is - but in my case, it's certainly not using the most recently-created one. Please can we have a "Display this playlist on my profile" link for each entry on the Playlist page? (And preferably from within each playlist too.)

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    • 15 jul 2008, 14:28

    Bump again (sorry)

    I don't understand the profile playlist choice at all.

    Consider my profile:
    (1) My list of playlists. Note that my top/active playlist (July 2008) contains more than 45 streamable tracks.
    (2) My profile on beta. This still displays my June 2008 playlist, even though I've not touched it in a long time, and I want my newest playlist (July 2008) to appear.
    (3) My profile on live site. You might not even see a playlist for me on this page - because it's actually set my live playlist to "The best of Grand Theft Auto IV" (which only contains 9 tracks).

    Please, please can someone reassure me that things will get better here? I'm enjoying creating playlists, but it seems impossible to make them display properly at the moment.

    • akrde sa...
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    • 15 jul 2008, 18:31
    One of the playlists should be markable as main playlist, which appears on the profile (on beta AND live site)!

    That can't be that complicated to implement i think...!?

    And, staff, please don't forget:

    It would be VERY USEFUL if we could search for any playlist by their names soon!!! Thank you!!!

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    • 30 aug 2008, 11:36
    Bumping, because it's absolutely ridiculous that this hasn't happened yet, and people are asking for this in the Feedack & Ideas forum LITERALLY every day.

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  • BUMP! :)

    Same problem with the scrobbler... when I use the Playlist button it adds the song to the most recently created playlist, what I don't find handy at all >.< There should be an option "Set Default/Main Playlist" or something.

    Thank you!

    • Mayr sa...
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    • 13 okt 2008, 16:05

    Let us choose our profile playlist, please.

    I'm in agreement with all who have asked that we finally have a way to CHOOSE which of our playlists goes into our player on our profile page, rather than have the most-recently-created one chosen for us by default. Please!
    I want to be the DJ of the music that plays on my own little profile page. :) Thank you.

    • takecake sa...
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    • 23 okt 2008, 02:35

    wholehartedly agree this is a critical missing feature on current

    Per my reply in website support forum:

    Users should definitely be able to choose which playlist appears in the player on the profile page. In my case, most of my friends are not subscribers and so I have one playlist (the original one I created) that I make sure is jam packed with full-length tracks, so at least my UK, US and German friends can have more than the 30-second previews coming from my player. Without being able to choose which playlist appears, I would have to be re-creating this list every time I create another one, just so that it's the most recent. That's crazy!

    Hope this gets addressed soon. Thanks.

    • Jnbn sa...
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    • 22 dec 2008, 01:38

    Easy to implement but...


    I know that latest created playlist automatically appears on your profile as default.
    But I agree that we should select the one that we want.

    If the automatic algorithm includes date values to sort out, all they have to do is to change the data as "last modified date" and by that latest edited playlist will be appear as default..

    But I really don't know the reason for this deficiency. I hope they'll implement that as soon as possible...

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    • 3 jan 2009, 04:02
    Americans of shit

  • Choosing a default playlist: 17 months in development, and counting. Now that's agile. :-P Perhaps time to hire some more staff.

  • vote++ This is definitely annoying.
    And btw. is there an intuitive way to delete playlists? I haven't seen one...

    • Tecfan sa...
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    • 6 dec 2009, 21:16
    EncouragingSlug said:
    Choosing a default playlist: 17 months in development, and counting. Now that's agile. :-P Perhaps time to hire some more staff.

    Luckily, they're hiring now.. I believe things will be better next year for us pc guys

    If you're into /, you might enjoy my (free) tracks: Tecfan
    • gworley sa...
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    • 1 jan 2010, 20:28

    Still isn't fixed.... there is a widget that you create a playlist of acts that you have seen... when I did that my "real" playlist disappeared... time to fix as it has almost been 2 years. To quote words from a song "How Soon as Soon" :D A staff member has been respond since May of 2008....

  • Bump!

    Come on, pleeeeease?

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    • 6 mar 2010, 23:33
    sad.... seriously.

  • Bump

    Please implement this feature soon!

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    • 3 maj 2010, 06:33

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    • 6 dec 2010, 22:56

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