3 Months Free Trial Period

  • 3 Months Free Trial Period

    So I just read that Last.fm will be charging for mobile access...to add insult to injury, I read online that some users have been getting an email offering 3 months free, and I never did get that email.

    While I hate the idea of paying for something that has been free for quite a while, Last.fm has content that no one else has, and I did consider paying for that $3 a month..but why is Last.fm being selective on the trial period. Like everyone else- if they are gonna charge me, they should let me try it, as the biggest thing that makes me hesitate on subscribing is not the trivial fee....but the fact that the Android app for Last.fm is probably the worst mobile player I have ever used.

    Seems like I have to restart the app every few minutes because tracks freeze midway...(Pandora works fine)...so Last.fm: If you are listening: if you are gonna charge premium service, maybe you should offer a quality app, as I will be sticking to the online access if no improvements are made

  • The emails are still being sent out to users, so keep an eye on your inbox.

    We're working on addressing the issue with our Android app skipping tracks and hope to have the problem resolved in the near future.

    • rwitte sa...
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    • 11 feb 2011, 17:42
  • @c99koder, you're confusing me a bit - I'm a subscriber, have been for awhile, and I'm happy to remain so (for now). For the most part, I've used the desktop scrobbler more than my N1. That said, you're asking people, as of Tuesday, to pay for an app that currently isn't working correctly?!

    Android users have no guarantee that your new app will work; that there won't be more bugs to work out after you launch it. I can understand charging people for content. I can't understand why you're in a rush to charge people for using a service that hasn't proven yet to work as promised. Why the deadline of 2/15 for all radio when you've acknowledged upfront that a certain group of users are going to get screwed over?

    "Please pay us money. I promise that eventually we'll provide the service for which you've paid." How does that remotely sound like a solid business plan to you?

  • @ serotonein:

    Thats exactly my thoughts. I learned my lesson not to trust the whole "working on it" after I got screwed with Samsung and their infinite delay in releasing Android 2.2 for the Galaxy.

    That's why I am insisting on that free trial while Last.fm finds a fix as there is now way I am paying for the current app.

    • rwitte sa...
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    • 11 feb 2011, 20:10
    @serotonein & @checksergio the first post that I linked says "Everyone gets 3 months free subscription" and the second post I linked says "The android fix will be later this month" so that gives last.fm at least two months to iron out any issues with the proposed fix before the issues you raise become relevant.

  • We've had multiple Android app releases (currently on version 1.7.3), and all have been buggy, from "force close" to "insufficient content" messages. I realize that at some point the company needs to start making money, but they've shown no ability to release a credible working app yet. That's why I find such a promise empty for now. What happens when the trial period is up, and the Ice Cream Sandwich API changes things up again?

    Like I said, I've been a subscriber separate from any Android-specific concerns because I want to support last.fm & hope they'll be around for awhile. That doesn't negate my concerns about CBS executives still not understanding digital music or customer retention in a digital age.

  • The Android app does suck a bit. But my 3 months are up and I still haven't paid a dime. There is an update, but not sure i wanna download it.not sure if that will fox the laggy issue or if it will start making me pay for subscription.

  • ChiTownRon said:
    The Android app does suck a bit. But my 3 months are up and I still haven't paid a dime. There is an update, but not sure i wanna download it.not sure if that will fox the laggy issue or if it will start making me pay for subscription.
    After your 3 month free subscription ends, you automatically get the standard 50 track trial, and you currently have 14 tracks remaining.

    The trial restrictions are enforced by the servers, not the client, so updating the client will have no effect on your subscription.

  • I just upgraded my phone to an HTC One X (Android phone) and when I go to play my Library Radio station, it says "Radio is a subscriber only feature. Try it now with a free 50 track trial"......I have my Last FM account linked to my Xbox Live account, it's paid for via this subscription, so why is it trying to get me to pay for it again?
    and for the record.....my 2 Windows phones never try to charge me to access my Last FM account.

    I'm all about the K-Pop....oh and Da Endorphine ;)
  • Why can't I listen to radio on my app?
    Google Android - free app; radio only available to subscribers in US, UK and Germany

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  • XBox Live subscriptions are only valid on XBox and Windows Phone devices, not on Android.

  • I have a question about that.
    I downloaded the Last FM App from the market and now I must use the 3 months trial but I'm living in Germany, so the service should be free. When I use the app the 3 months trial is included? Or how does that work?


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  • confusing

    ...so what is it ?
    #1) 3 months free?
    #2) 3 months free with 50 free tracks?
    #3) 50 free tracks?

    #4) I have deleted TRIED to Remove the app from my Samsung Galaxy S at least 6 times now without any luck!
    #5) HOW do I Remove this [bulldog] app from the phone?

    THERE!!!! found out how to Delete/Remove Last.FM app from my Galaxy S. ...and more than likely NOT to install it EVER again on my phone! UNTIL you straighten out your Free Trial period policy.

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