Scrobble music from the Android 'Music' application.

  • The scrobbler can store up to 200 songs in the queue

  • slows down

    When I listen music via stock Music app it's scrobbling perfectly. But it really slows down my phone. I even disabled immediate scrobbling but there is no difference. I cannot even use my phone when this app is installed.

  • wtf

    a recent update now seems to have the process running itself all the time.

    i disabled EVERYTHING in the options, yet every time i check in task manager, the fucking thing is running and eating ram.

    either it stops starting itself before i even listen to any music, or itll be getting uninstalled.

  • The Android system launches our app in response to various system events that our app needs to process. Once we’ve finished processing the event, our app is idle and not using any CPU or battery. Android will automatically quit idle processes when RAM is low, it does not quit them instantly in order to improve startup time for processing additional events.

    • spase sa...
    • Användare
    • 13 nov 2009, 18:22

    Scrobble by % listened

    It would be great if the app would scrobble a track if only a certain % of the track was listened to.

    For instance, if I am on shuffle and I hear 2 seconds of a 5 minute song and I decide I don't want to listen to that song, should it really be scrobbled? I think not. If I listen to like 80% of a song, however, it seems like it should be scrobbled.

  • The app currently only counts songs that are played 100% as a scrobble, anything less is counted as a skip; this is an oversight though and will be changed to 50% to match our desktop software in the next update.

    The 'Now Scrobbling' notification isn't an indication of the song's scrobble status, it's just there to let you know that scrobbling is enabled -- in case you don't want the world to know you're about to listen to Brittany Spears :)

    Edit: Actually, it looks like I've already fixed this a while back. The scrobbler counts any song that's played at least 50% of the way or at least 240 seconds as played. Anything less than 50% or 240 seconds counts as a skip.

    • bstronga sa...
    • Användare
    • 15 nov 2009, 00:37
    I have "Scrobble in real-time" checked because I like to read about the artist I'm currently listening to but it doesn't really work.
    It only shows the artist I first listened to.

    Edit: I'm using the HTC Hero

  • bstronga said:
    I have "Scrobble in real-time" checked because I like to read about the artist I'm currently listening to but it doesn't really work.
    It only shows the artist I first listened to.

    Edit: I'm using the HTC Hero
    I'll look into this issue, thanks for reporting it. Btw, 'scrobble in realtime' only affects how frequently the song info is uploaded to, it doesn't affect the notification popup that allows you to view the artist info in the app.

    • lbds137 sa...
    • Användare
    • 30 nov 2009, 20:31

    issue on Motorola DROID

    I have "Scrobble in real time" enabled and "Scrobble from Android player" enabled, but only scrobbled 12 songs from the Android music player. It still says "Scrobbling [current song]" in the notification area, but it doesn't seem to update on my profile. I'm even listening directly from the app now, but it still doesn't update my scrobbles on my profile. Is there some arcane time-delay that I'm not aware of?

    There are at least 10 songs that should have been scrobbled but haven't appeared on my profile.

    EDIT: Scrobbles have updated now.

  • Re: issue on Motorola DROID

    lbds137 said:
    It still says "Scrobbling [current song]" in the notification area
    This is a bug in our app on Android 2.0 and will be fixed in the next update.

  • I have a mac and a Moment

    so the scrobbling works fine from the Music app. but when i load music onto my phone, the artist and song name doesnt show up. it ends up scrobbling just the filename. do you know how i can make it so my music gets transferred onto my phone with all the correct info?

  • Make sure your mp3 files have their ID3 tags set properly, as that's what Android uses to build the artist / album / track info. You can use a service like MusicBrainz to automatically tag your mp3s with the correct info.

  • I tried MusicBrainz but its just like i thought it would be. My music is tagged right. its all organized because of my itunes. but when i put music on the Moment it doesnt tag it. I even downloaded a track from the app iMusic that had the right tags but when i played it in the Music player it didnt have tags again. maybe there is something wrong with my phone?

  • If you're on Windows, do the tags show up properly in a stand-alone mp3 player like Winamp (as opposed to Windows Media Player or iTunes, which keep separate databases with the tags)? It could be an issue specific to the Samsung Moment, unfortunately I don't have access to one to see if there's anything unique about the music player on that phone. I haven't seen any bug reports from other Moment users yet, but I'll keep an eye out for them.

  • I dont have windows but when I put them into the MusicBrainz app the tags were all fine, it didnt have to do anything. doesnt that mean theyre good? so it must be something with the phone.

    • tjiscool sa...
    • Användare
    • 8 dec 2009, 16:32
    I havent had any issue since I got my Hero months ago
    yall just got bad luck LOL

  • problème

    je ne peut pas avoir la musique du groupe je ne comprend pas pourquoi. donnez moi la réponse en français si possible. amitiés a vous et au membres du groupe

    67 ans
    • ryaisona sa...
    • Användare
    • 9 dec 2009, 22:41

    Android 2.0/ Motorola Droid question

    Hello --

    I'm using the native music player on my Droid and while I listen to sometimes on the Droid, I'd rather not have it scrobble the tracks that I'm listening to. Is there a way to turn scrobbling on my Droid off without uninstalling the app?

    Sorry if I missed the answer to this in an earlier post.

    (on a side note, I really love being able to listen to on my Squeezebox!)

  • Re: Android 2.0/ Motorola Droid question

    ryaisona said:
    Is there a way to turn scrobbling on my Droid off without uninstalling the app?
    Open the app and press the Menu key, then tap Settings. From the settings screen, uncheck "Scrobble Android player". This will disable scrobbling of the built-in media player on your Droid.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 6 jan 2010, 04:43
    I detected a bug, if iam listen to a song more then 1 time in a row the software will scrobble the songs just 1 time.
    Hope this will be fixed, using the htc tattoo

  • I was about to say the same thing.
    When the song begins to play a second time it wont even show what song is being played on my profile and won't scrobble any of it.

    On an Eris.

  • That's correct, the scrobbler currently ignores duplicates. We'll adjust this so it properly scrobbles playing the same song multiple times in a row.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 9 jan 2010, 13:51
    thanks :)

  • now playing but not remembered

    I have the milestone (UK version of the droid) version 2.0 of the OS. I can see on the site that tracks show as now playing but once the track ends, it is no longer visible/remembered on the site.



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