Tracks listened to less than 100% of the way through are not added to our library?

    • mojo_lo sa...
    • Användare
    • 28 jan 2009, 17:23

    Tracks listened to less than 100% of the way through are not added to our library?

    With the web version of the radio, tracks that we listened to more than 50% of the way through remained in our "Recently Listened Tracks" and were added to our library.

    The android version of the radio does not seem to exhibit the same behavior. While playing a track, it shows up in my "Recently Listened Tracks" section with the "Listening Now" icon.

    However, if I do not listen to the track 100% of the way through, the track is removed from "Recently Listened Tracks" and is not added to my library.

    Are there plans to correctly this behavior to to have the Android app behave like the web version?

    • schizox sa...
    • Användare
    • 29 jan 2009, 00:10
    in my case it does not even scrobble...
    updated to the latest one released today, same issue...

    • mxcl sa...
    • Alumni
    • 29 jan 2009, 16:26
    Proof that we rushed the scrobbling implementation a little. Will fix!

    • mojo_lo sa...
    • Användare
    • 30 jan 2009, 22:23
    Thanks! Looking forward to the fix.

  • Loved and listened to a bunch of songs today, most of them aren't showing up on the site. Most days the Android app has been good. It tells me regularly there are no more recommendations but from the pc it will play endlessly.

  • would be helpful if scrobbling time was shortened really.. if possible.

  • I guess they will. I think their own guidelines say that track should be scrobbled if they have been listened to for at least 30 seconds or 50% of the duration (whichever comes first). :-)

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