Sync Calendar Error

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    • 26 apr 2012, 07:17

    Sync Calendar Error

    Hi guys,

    Using a Samsung Galaxy S2. The lastfm app asked me to sync with my calendar to add upcoming events and I agreed. Now, it didn't add any lastfm events, instead deleted ALL the appointments in my calendar. Is there any chance on getting them back?

    Any help is greatly, greatly apreciated!!

  • The app doesn't modify your existing calendars, it creates its own calendar account. You can pick which calendars to display by launching the Calendar app, pressing the Menu button, and selecting "Calendars to display". You should then see your Google calendars as well as " Events". If you don't see your Google calendars in that list, press the "Calendars to Sync" button at the bottom of that screen and make sure your Google account's calendars have syncing enabled.

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