Anyone interested in contributing to a blog?

  • Anyone interested in contributing to a blog?

    Hello, it's been a while since I've been on here, and there are several new members. First of all, thanks for visiting, and thanks to those who have shared their music! When I opened up this group I did so partially with the intention of creating a blog with which to share great ambient music with. It's been quite a few months since then, and I figure it's about time to start this up. Before I create this blog, I'm interested in seeing if anyone would like to post their music on this blog. You can provide download links, streaming links, or simply links to a site that you have your music uploaded to. If anyone is interested, just leave a reply or send me a message. Hopefully we can give more exposure to independent ambient artists!

    Venerean- my minimal ambient/drone project Ambient Artists Group
  • I'd be interested.

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