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Ledare: KagedTatsu och michaelmcguk
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Skapad den: 28 apr 2012
Members: Daniel Roeth & William Grey
Location: Moscow, Russia
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Mysterious, dynamic, beautiful ~ the music of Koan captures the heart and soul, immersing the listener into a mythical journey through the deep realms audio possibility. Through their mastery of the art of embodying ancient legends and myths into musical form, Koan guide you inward on an epic quest of lasting self-exploration. In ancient Zen Buddhism, the “Koan” is a story, dialogue, or question, the meaning of which cannot be understood by rational or logical thinking. The Koan of Zen myth is said to be only accessible through the power of intuition. Equally, Koan invoke a powerful connection with the listener by moving far beyond all prior expectations that come to mind when you think of “chill out” music.

The true power of Koan is in their ability to create masterful themes which are expressed seamlessly throughout the duration of the record: From tales of Ancient Asia, or Russian legendary fables, or Greek mythological bestiary, or the stories of the Conquistadors moving through the Early Americas, and other legends and myths of enchanted lands long lost to the pages of meta-history; Koan captivates the listener by drawing them into a epic journey of discovery. As you travel through sweeping ethereal melodies, dramatic transitions, and richly textured audio environments, within their mind they begin to navigate the far reaches of their own consciousness; Bridging perceived barriers of will, navigating through both dark and light corridors of memory, traversing across great expanses of mental, emotional, and spiritual reflection. Everyone’s experience with the music of Koan is different, yet each person receives an opportunity to evolve through their art. Ultimately, Koan create music that brings their audience into a deeper understanding of human potential, if we are willing to free ourselves from all self-imposed and socially accepted limitations.

Enter into the world of Koan and prepare for an odyssey into the far reaches of audio excellence.

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  • KagedTatsu

    There's just not enough Koan on Last.fm so I created a group, welcome :)

    28 apr 2012 Svara