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  • ThisIsKSLU

    Check out the new website!!! kslu.slu.edu

    april 2010
  • rachelgirl


    september 2009
  • IALsOC

    shit son where the hell is he?

    maj 2008
  • closetomodernn

    hahahaha R. Kelly!!!!! That would be Sanita and I. Duh.

    april 2008
  • megan727

    i wonder who got lightspeed champion that high on the list....

    april 2008
  • mserma

    Or we can use this space to say that Christian is a L-7 WEEEEEEEEEENY!!!

    april 2008
  • IALsOC

    And we can use this space for saying things like ok who the FUCK is listening to THAT SHIT? its perfect.

    april 2008