New Bon Iver album in June!

    • Irryco sa...
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    • 8 apr 2011, 11:20

    New Bon Iver album in June!

    Yes, a new Bon Iver album is soon to come! It is scheduled to come out sometime in June. Certainly an album with high expectations. : )


    This is something to long for. : ) Let's start discuss it. What do you hope it will sound like? Like "For emma", or something completely different?

    • hsskoog sa...
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    • 11 apr 2011, 18:46
    I hope it will be a mix of his earlier work, and Bon Iver, if that's possible. I really hope he will use the full range of his voice though, I love the crispness when he sings deep :)
    But I am actually not that worried, since everything he has done is awesome. :)

  • I actually prefer his stuff under the Justin Vernon tag over Bon Iver (not that I don't love Bon Iver, of course), but I don't expect him to go back to that style. I'm actually looking forward to something slightly different. To be honest, I'm not sure how many more songs are possible in the For Emma-vein of song-writing. Or maybe I've just heard the album so many times I can't imagine it any other way! haha

    I would definitely be interested in him returning to the non-falsetto voice.

    • Irryco sa...
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    • 13 apr 2011, 13:25
    Yeah, him using his deep voice more in the next album would be welcome. Would lead to more varied album too.

    • Irryco sa...
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    • 1 maj 2011, 15:48
    News: Release set for 20 June.


    1. Perth
    2. Minnesota, WI
    3. Holocene
    4. Towers
    5. Michicant
    6. Hinnom, TX
    7. Wash.
    8. Calgary
    9. Lisbon, OH
    10. Beth/Rest

    Exciting. : )

  • I wonder if Michicant will be the same version that's on Youtube. Just search - you'll find it

    • Irryco sa...
    • Användare
    • 21 jun 2011, 17:06
    So, it's finally officially released (I've avoided the leak)! So, what do you think about it? : )

  • He did a winter album, then spring, now I think it's time for a summer album.

  • I'm way too late for this post! : D

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