What should i buy next?

  • What should i buy next?

    Hey, I really like Jonathan's voice, so I joined this group. All I've heard so far is The Modern Lovers' self-titled album... But I want more Jonathan Richman. What should I get next? Help me out!

  • The First Album was a one of a kind.

    Nothing was ever released that sounded quite like that. So great.
    Just the same, I bought a lot of Jo Jo's albums in the early to mid Eighties.
    I REALLY liked Rockin' and Romance with songs like "Chewing Gum Wrapper" and "The Beach". It has a Rocking, but sparse sound that's just great. Not sure if it's in print anymore. I saw him live in Massachusetts mid 80's and I handed him one of my demo tapes. Nice guy!
    If you really like his voice, pick anything and go from there.

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