Which Sound of John Do You Like Better?

  • Which Sound of John Do You Like Better?

    Hey Guys
    With the new Try! CD out I just wanted to ask which sound of John you like better, do you the new bluesy sound or his signiture soft-rock singer/songwriter sound
    I personally like his new sound, it feels more like where he is right now in his life but of course I'll never get enough of his old songs either

    • ctrtoken sa...
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    • 9 dec 2005, 19:50
    Heavier Things was definitely more blues then Room for Squares was...so Try! to me seems like it was the natural next step for him...now we have to wait for their studio album next year.

  • I think his new sound is excellent and definitely where he needs to be right now but I will always love the early John.

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  • yes i totally agree with everyone above...
    im glad tho that he is pushing his music in a new direction...if he stuck with the same formula it would get boring

  • i must say that i love all his music. hes multi faceted. and i like that. i liked heavier things a little more that RFS, and try! is so amazing.

    • nanabite sa...
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    • 4 jan 2006, 20:34
    I really like the new stuff - I can't wait for Continuum to come out.

    I think what's missing in his early acoustic albums is that backing he gets in Heavier Things and later albums. From my point of views this lets him do more guitar work and that's really where I feel he should be at. John is a brilliant guitar player and it's a shame for that talent to be wasted.

    • Canaria sa...
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    • 15 nov 2006, 15:14
    I like both styles, the earlier cd's are absolutely great but as I've seen him in NYC - the newer style fits him more perfectly.

    Now he is able to show what a great guitar player he really is.

    Let's rewrite an ending that fits.
  • While I'll always be a sucker for the sweet slow acoustic John I have to admit that I like the new Try! and Continuum John. Personally I feel as if these songs are more powerful, besides it seems like he's enjoying the new stuff. As long as he's having fun I'll be listening.

  • I like both styles. if I had to pick I like heavier things and RFS a little bit better than continuum, but it's great that he's trying new things because Bluesy John is still one of the best artists I know.

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    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 30 mar 2007, 11:56
    I 'LOVE' the new Continuum John.. it feels more warm and mellow on my ears.. just love it.<3

    • chicolua sa...
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    • 18 apr 2007, 18:20
    He's amazing in every way!

    • seaghan sa...
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    • 29 apr 2007, 21:25
    I have to disagree with most above. I really loved the complexity, harmonies, intricate riffs and variety of the first 2 albums.

    I do also love the bluesy stuff but it's simpler, I have to be emotionally in tune with it, whereas in the case of Room for Squares and Heavier Things - I'm always ready :)

    Also I know, to live is to grow is to change, so I'm certainly not complaining ;)

  • soft-rock <.< why is missy higgens in that list
    trust me if john was like her i would hate him
    but i dont im a super huge fan of him << beside missy is australian >:( big mistake there

    • jfresh19 sa...
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    • 20 jun 2007, 04:29

    It doesn't matter...

    I love it all...
    Although, I still get a little sick to my stomach when I hear "Your Body Is A Wonderland."

    Man, I hated that song.

  • I love everything he comes out with.

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    • gruggo sa...
    • Användare
    • 24 aug 2007, 15:40

    New sound? hmm..

    I'd say that he still got the same sound.
    Just that he sounds different live. But the songs on "Try" has got a new sound, yes. Doesn't sound like his other records. But still? It's live, it's good, IT'S JOHN MAYER:)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 14 jul 2008, 18:26
    I had to post a reply here since I just say John live last night. While I love everything he's come out with so far, I really do prefer the acoustic and soft-rock stuff he's done better than the newer bluesy things he's doing right now. The show I saw last night was all about the blues and a lot of the songs he played weren't even his own. Bit of a disappointment, really.

  • Why Georgia, Wheel, Split Screen Sadness, Your Body is a Wonderland.

    . Luciana .
  • I prefer his older stuff but I love all of his music. He's the best. : )

  • For me, Continuum was the perfect album. It brought together so many facets of his sound. There are some parts of his soft-rock sound that I loved (like the version of Comfortable on the [video artist=John Mayer]Any Given Thursday DVD[/video]) but I think he's grown into a sound that is distinctly his own.

    And his ability to transform songs like I'm on Fire and Free Fallin' has blown me away.

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  • John Mayer Live

    Hey John Mayer Fans, You Rock!
    Personaly it's really hard for me to choose.
    Ermmm... I Love it when John sings Live because he puts so much of his emotion into his Live perfomances, truely amazing. So his Live Albums are very special to me. But he can sing every song of his Live and he makes it sound so lovely.
    xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

  • The bluesy sound

  • Can't decide between Continuum and Room For Squares. I think they're both great and i can't get enough of his songs. My favourite ones are Slow Dancing In A Burning Room and Your Body Is a Wonderland. I simply adore these tracks.. they have a warm, pleasant, special sound.. just lovely. And, of course, I also adore John Mayer.

  • "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room"
    My fav.

    • fzy sa...
    • Användare
    • 23 dec 2008, 11:54
    I perfer the continuum/try! sound he have now

    the bluesy sound full of emotions.

    However Victoria is high on my list too :)

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