Favorite Tull album?

  • Songs from the Wood

    My first ever intro to JT was by the late and great DJ Tommy Vance and his friday night rock show on the then GREAT radio one, he played Hunting Girl and I was hooked. Rushed out and bought every single JT album. Have been fan ever since...1982. So Hunting Girl is my fav, but what a discography! What a history! What a phenomenal and legendary British band. You cant go wrong playing any album.....

    A single, please, to Erpland!
  • Benefit

  • Minstrel In The Gallery

    for me it will always be Minstrel In The Gallery because upon hearing it I finally realized how magnificent Tull really is...

  • Thick As A Brick! Followed by Benefit, and then Crest Of A Knave, then Catfish Rising. :)

    • Koniarek sa...
    • Användare
    • 21 jul 2012, 10:59
    Folk Trylogy - Songs from the Wood, Heavy Horses and Stormwatch

  • For me there´s no special favorite. It depends on where, when, in which mood, with whom etc.....

    Good candidates are: "Broadsword and the Beast", "Heavy Horses", "Bursting out", "Minstrel in the Gallery", "Songs from the wood"......

  • "Aqualung", "Thick as a Brick", "Songs From The Wood" and "Roots to Branches".

    Also "Bursting Out" and "A Little Light Music".

  • 1.Thick as a Brick
    2.Stand Up
    3.Minstrel in the Gallery

    I watched with glee
    While your kings and queens
    Fought for ten decades
    For the gods they made
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