First jazz guitar

  • First jazz guitar

    Hello World!

    So - who is your favorite jazz guitarist? Many people worship Pat Metheny, some recommened me Jim Hall, but I like distortion so my number one has always been Terje Rypdal. However, I just took off the shelf a CD which I haven't listened to for a quite a while, It's Dave Douglas 'Freak In' and the way Marc Ribot plays just blows my head off. I have to dig this guy deeper. And Wes Montgomery is fine although haven't listened to him a lot.

    Who are your picks?



    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 29 nov 2008, 18:41
    Django Reinhardt and Joe Pass are my favourites, though I must admit I haven't really dug deep into the jazz guitarists' world... though I will! :P

    • yug0 sa...
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    • 1 dec 2008, 15:52
    my favorite is metheny , as pat metheny group, trio and duos with brad mehldau and charlie haden. It's just amazing. Though lately I've been listening mike stern who is realy good too.
    I also Iove old legends like wes and joe pass

  • Kurt Rosenwinkel, Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, Joe Morris, and Ben Monder would be my top five (in no particular order). And I definitely have some love for Jim Hall, Metheny, Brad Shepik, and Sonny Sharrock.

  • are you kidding me .. Django Reinhardt, the greatest jazz guitarist ever period.

    unlimited rice pudding...
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 4 jun 2009, 08:48
    Stochelo Rosenberg would be my favourite jazz (manouche) guitarist. although i haven't heard a lot other jazz guitarists outside the gypsy style. any recommention in hardbob, mid '60's style?

  • My faves are Mark O'Leary, Lenny Breau, and Lonnie Johnson. There are lots of others but those three are the tops for me...

  • The first jazz guitarist to really get me going was Barney Kessel. I was in guitar heaven in the San Fernando Valley back then when Donte's had it's monday 'guitar night' and I saw Joe Pass, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel, Howard Roberts, and even Larry Coryell there.

    Robert 'Shred 'Til Dead' Dunn -
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 23 aug 2009, 04:25
    At the moment, I'm really enjoying Herb Ellis. Luke, looking at your preference you may enjoy John McLaughlin.

  • I guess he's more of a fusion guitarist rather than straight-ahead jazz, but Allan Holdsworth is a fantastic distorted guitar player who is absolutely worth checking out.

  • The only guy I'd add to what has already been said is Kenny Burrell. Joe Pass, Herb Ellis, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, and Wes Montgomery are all wonderful in my book.

  • We Montgomery, Joe Pass, Jim Hall, Pat Metheny, Allan Holdsworth(Fusion, but still an absolutely fantastic musician), Guthrie Govan(Again, more of a fusion player), and Grant Green are some of my favourite Jazz guitarists.

    Also it's hard to ignore Django's greatness. What he does with 2 fingers often outdoes anything many guitarists can do with 4.

    EDIT: If you're interested in the fusion side of things, some other guitarists worth checking out are Greg Howe, Shawn Lane, Frank Gambale, Brett Garsed and Al Di Meola.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 18 mar 2010, 18:33
    My favorites are Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Grant Green, Norman Brown, Mark Whitfield, Bobby Broom, Ronny Jordan, Zachary Breaux, Nick Colionne and Pat Metheny. There are a lot of guitarists I haven't listened yet (or just a few songs): Joe Pass, Kenny Burrell, Charlie Christian, Russell Malone, Lionel Loueke... I still have a lot of ground to cover I guess, love that!

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 29 apr 2010, 23:38
    Joe Pass, Joe Pass and Joe Pass. There are others I love in combo - Kenny Burrell and Jim Hall. But playing fully solo, did I say Joe Pass?

  • Joe Pass, (best track of his Django), Wes Montgomery (best track D natural Blues playing now!), Barney Kessel, Django, also like some of Stanley Jordan's stuff.

  • Could never pick just one

    ...but if i was stuck it would have to be Wes Montgomery. Also I love Bireli Lagraine, Grant Green, Barney Kessel, Jim Hall and of course Lenny Breau was a freaking genius! You gotta love Charlie Christian also - he practically invented electric guitar jazz... and Eddie Lang - he put jazz guitar on the map pre-amplification... beautiful rhythm voicings and delta blues fusions.

    I'm probably the only jazz guitar fan who doesn't care for Joe Pass - fantastic technique etc, but just not my cup of tea. Also I don't get anything Pat Metheny has done in the last 20 years - It just goes over my head. I feel like I must be nuts or something, but I just don't get it. Early stuff with the PMG, especially standards covers - he blows my mind... I remember one recording in particular from like 1980 where he covers "All the things you are" that made me want to burn my guitar, but I just don't get the recent stuff - am I alone here?

  • Bill, which Metheny albums have you listened to and what didn't you get about them?

  • I will pick beside of George Benson Pat M and Joe Pass - Lee Ritenour. Stanley Jordan is awsome and Mike Stern, Al Di Meola as well. But in fusion music I found great guitarists like Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson Jeff Kollman or Alex Gunia and many others. Is so difficult to chose just one, and to be honest I even don't want to.

  • Brian - I'll start by mentioning one I do get: Question and Answer. I love the way the group leads you through the changes in a non-obvious way, hinting at the underlying melody the whole time. It's a truly brilliant album.
    By contrast "One quiet night" just seems dull (although that said, I do really like the cover of Don't know why). So much of his more recent work sounds to me like elaborate orchestration of long meandering melodies that don't seem to go anywhere. And the less said about the synth stuff the better.
    The recent Orchestron stuff, however is closer to his roots - I'm not fond of the sound (there is no subtlety or tonality when everything is banged out at the same velocity on a xylophone), but objectively I can hear that what he is playing is pretty clever stuff.
    But then that said, his '00 recording of giant steps rocks...
    I dunno, i guess it's a mix bag for me. Absolute jazz genius (eg some of the stuff with Mehldau) beside mundane middle of the road style meandering stuff (eg the much lauded September 15) - and the balance of the former to the latter is heavily skewed towards his earlier work. I dunno, maybe i just need to listen to it more... like I said - I feel like there must be something I'm just not getting!

  • Two more to add: Chuck Loeb and Ulf Wakenius!

  • Bill, Metheny's a bit of a mix bag for me too. I was actually going to suggest Question and Answer. Have you listened to Day Trip, his 2008 trio disc with Christian McBride and Antonio Sanchez? I would think that would be up your alley.

  • Day trip, I haven't heard that one. I'll check it out thanks!

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 15 dec 2011, 19:25
    My favorite is Peter White <3

    • luannn sa...
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    • 24 feb 2012, 07:25
    Kurt Rosenwinkel and John Mclaughlin

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