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    • 2 nov 2007, 00:57

    BORIS TOUR 2007

    Who has been to the Boris with Michio Kurihara 2007 tour?

    I went to their stop in Washington D.C. at the Black Cat. Absolutely phenomenal.

    Pictures in my blog!

    Pictures? Reviews? Thoughts?

  • I saw them in chicago with Michio Kurihara. It was a damn fine show, and I hope to see them again. Very loud.

  • I was on my way to the show in Austin when my girlfriend called me saying she was in a car accident! So I missed it :(

    lost. away. phased-out. non-existing.
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    • 5 jun 2008, 16:27
    near the end of the show atsuo jumped on the jump kit and stood there throwing the horns gearning with his mongoloid face while the rest of boris fuzzed out into oblivion... quite a good gig

  • That went on for fucking ages...

    My ears were destroyed by that show.

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