Celtic punk and Celtic rock blog with bands that are not famous yet

  • Celtic punk and Celtic rock blog with bands that are not famous yet


    I was searching my blog at google and I found that somebody has mentioned it in this group. I am writing a blog, http://celticfolkpunk.blogspot.com, where you can find samplers of Celtic-Punk and Celtic-Rock bands from European countries, together with full free legal downloads by different bands. Till now I have posted the following samplers:

    1 - The Netherlands: Circle J + 4 bands
    2 - Switzerland: Pubside Down, Vad Vuc + 2 bands
    3 - France: Booze Brothers + 3 bands
    4 - Italy: Como Lake Rovers + 3 bands
    5 - Belgium: Black Tartan Clan + 3 bands
    6 - Austria: Denny's Drive In + 3 bands
    7 - Germany: Boggin Leprechaun + 3 bands
    8 - Serbia and Croatia: Irish Stew of Sindidun + 4 bands
    9 - Czech Republic: Benjaming Band + 3 bands
    10 - Hungary: Firkin, Paddy and the Rats + 2 bands

    The full free legal downloads include:

    - The Tofu Love Frogs (UK)
    - Pipes and Pints (Czech Republic)
    - CENK (Switzerland)
    - Living Lache (Austria)
    - Redhill Rats (Finland)
    - Bleeding Hearts (UK)
    - Konsumo Respeto (Spain)
    - Shamrock (Croatia)
    - Ketamina (Brasil)
    - Cercavins (Spain)
    - White Owl (Russia)

    The blog is updated every week.

    Please have a look and enjoy the music.

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