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    • 7 okt 2007, 22:21

    Enlighten Me!

    Hey folks, I basically have no clue as to what "Iranian Underground Music" is supposed to be like. I'm not familiar with the term as of yet. Given the description of U.M., the titles in the group description don't seem to be it. So I was wondering if anyone could please give me some examples of what's considered Iranian U.M. Thank you.

  • Political Underground

    I think, the mentioned bands in the group description are outside of the Iranian mainstream. This may be because of European or US influences in their art, or because of political lyrics. So, underground here means some kind of political underground.

    However, don't take this as an expert's opinion. I'm German and I don't speak any Persian.

    But you speak Persian. (I have looked at your homepage.) Why do you think that the bands in the group description do not fit to the label 'Underground Music'?

    As a Persian speaker you could also do me a favor. Would you be so kind as to tell me what the following song is about?
    127 - khosro-e-khooban

    Kind regards, P.

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    • 5 nov 2007, 06:20
    Hi there, glad to see someone checks this place every now and then. =)

    Well, on one hand I really have no clue what actually is the Persian U.M., hence the question. On the other hand, given that the U.M. genre [or rather genres] certainly don't have an origin in Iran and have been developed there as a result of outside influence, one would think that certain basics have to remain the same, therefore I don't think that pop music or classic-pop could be considered U.M. And the bands mentioned in the group description are just that, or so I've been told. As to whether it's political underground...I really have no idea... still waiting for someone to give me a description. =)

    As for the "Khosro-e Khooban"... hahaha... awesome, thanks for making my day! I had never seen such thing honestly. =D What it's about.. well, I gave a try to translating some bits for you, but since the lyrics are very slangish and somewhat comic, it ended up quite ridiculous in English [as a German speaker I'm sure you know what I mean! =)] to give you a general idea, the chorus goes something like this:
    "Oh king of the good ones
    spare a look at the indigent,
    Show mercy on the tired hearted
    miserable me"
    The lyrics are basically going on and on complimenting a "certain someone" of interest, and some rhymes are quite funny: "oh you the great inventor of turnip"[I mean...HUH??!?] or "you who are stuck on the ceiling" and so on. Anyhow, hope this helps. =)

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    • 31 jan 2008, 01:43
    sorry but it's not my fault some of them are considered as mainstream now ;) harkodoom be nazaret underground nistan che dar tehran va iran che dar kharej az iran lotfan begin .. manzoor az underground harchizi gheir az tehrangeles pop'e ke be vasileye label haye iranie dar los angeles CD hashoon ro pakhsh mikonan va hamchenin charandiati ke vezarate ershade iran beheshoon HAMISHE mojavez mide na goroohayi ke bad az yek album hijvakh be albume dovom nemiresan. age mibinin bazi az group ha kharej az iran hasan va BE TAZEGI Bamahang Productions oonaro sign mikone ba tavajoh be noe moosighie motafaveteshoon va sabeghashoon fek mikonam underground be hesab bian...
    and about Khosro'e Khooban , the lyric was changed from the original lyric that was written by Foroogh Farokhzad (and it's about someone with broken heart asking god for help)

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    • 2 feb 2008, 21:27
    Ok.. I see .. that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.

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    • 9 feb 2008, 22:07
    "", that was a good one! :D

    I totally understood what you meant after i sow that tag. Which btw is a "musical" culture which in my opinion is pretty talentless, shameful and based on poor quality productions. I mean, look at those videos they are broadcasting on satelitte... Hope im not tripping on anyone's toe's here, tho.

  • everything outside of ministry of Islamic guidance privilege system considered as "underground" in Iran.
    the term recently changed to a more proper meaning with underground (and of course illegal) performance of some rock / metal bands and new Iranian (gangsta) rap wave.

    P.S: they all perform in basements across Tehran, so it can be called real underground ;)

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