Favourite Insomnium Song

  • The Day it All Came Down, definitely. That song is just amazing. Though, I suppose all of Insomnium's songs are pretty much amazing... but that one is just a tiny bit MORE amazing.

    • omid_ sa...
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    • 1 aug 2010, 14:38
    one of the most amazing metal bands .. fuckin great music!
    my favourites are :

    The Elder
    Song Of The Forlorn Son
    The Gale & Mortal Share
    Equivalence & Down With The Sun

  • # song of the storm
    # mortal share

  • I think it's easy to guess in my case :P Tied with The Killjoy

  • My very favorites are The Elder & Down With the Sun .

  • Daughter of the moon.

    Well, The Elder and The Gale are also nice.

    • pepex_ sa...
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    • 22 okt 2010, 19:39
    TheGale+Mortal Share, The Day it All Came Down, Where the Last Wave Broke...

    • cobhc81 sa...
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    • 12 nov 2010, 17:26
    Down With The Sun

  • at the gates of sleep :) in the groves of death :)) lay of autumn :))) into the evernight :)))) actually the last album is a fantastic piece of art

    • mitth77 sa...
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    • 13 apr 2011, 14:49
    I love Equivalence & Down With The Sun most. :*

    • Jup3tsuh sa...
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    • 6 jun 2011, 14:13
    Favorite song is definitely At The Gates of Sleep

  • hmmm... tough choice, but right now my favorites are Drawn to Black, Change of Heart, Down with the Sun, At the Gates of Sleep and Lay of the Autumn... but I really love them all!

  • 'daughter of the moon' was listened by me more than 10 times successively
    'lay of the autumn' also awesome!!!

    excuse my mistakes

    • henckha sa...
    • Användare
    • 21 okt 2011, 10:52
    The Day It All Came Down & Change of Heart.

  • OMG i totally forgot about Last Statement and Bereavement!

  • sorry, so eager that I double posted. love "One for Sorrow! as well :D

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 30 jan 2012, 22:00
    This is hard.

    Song of the forlorn son,
    Song of the blackest bird,
    The killjoy,
    Change of heart,
    Against the stream,
    Every hour wounds,
    Down with the sun,
    In the halls of awaiting.

  • All Insomnium songs are beautiful and unique, have a gorgeous climate, but my favourite is "The Bitter End".

  • My most favorite tracks are

    Weather The Storm
    Mortal Share
    Against The Stream
    One For Sorrow

    P.S- Insomnium is one of the most favorite band of all time, their music is such a beauty. The lyrics, music and the mood is just so perfect for me

  • Weather the Storm is probably my favourite, closely followed by Mortal Share, and maybe Devoid of Caring!

    At any rate, Insomnium is easily my favourite band ever. Pretty much all their tracks are brilliant.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 20 sep 2012, 18:56
    Actually the one i like the most is "Down with the sun". That song made me love MdM.

    I dont think that i could list one song i don't prefer that much. I enjoy all of their songs alot :D

  • Lay the ghost to rest.

  • shade_of_aurora пишет:
    All Insomnium songs are beautiful and unique, have a gorgeous climate.
    I agree with her, really. I think in this way too. And my favorite is "Down With The Sun". "Across the Dark" was my first Insomnium album and song "Down With The Sun" immediately made me fall in love with Insomnium music. Cheers! \m/

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