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Ledare: MurderCapital
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Skapad den: 12 jun 2005
- Industrial
- Industrial Metal
- Industrial Rock
- Electronica
- Electronic Body Music (EBM)
- Electro-Rock
- Synth

This is the group for anything that rocks and is mixed with the sounds...

"There is a certain subset of musicians who for reasons unknown adhere to the false premise that electronic music or the tools involved imply a lack of creativity or inspired performance. Technology in the hands of creative, intelligent individuals is a tool for art, not a hindrance." - Filter - (taken from the insert of their first album "Short Bus")

A note for musicians here on

This group heavily supports upcoming bands and independent music, I will gladly link your band with the groups 'artist connections' just send me (MurderCapital) a PM with the name of your band and your band's page and I will add you. The only demands I have is that your band has audio samples here on and that you band is in the styles listed under 'Description:'

Update: I'm out of connections (you can only have 200) for the industrial group, but I will still add bands to the front page (see below), which in many ways can be better as everyone that visits the group can see the name directly.

The INDUSTRIAL MUSIC group supports the following industrial acts:
| Zastranienie | Cezary Gapik [aka CEZAR] | krovo | Blood Industrial | Unsinn | Undercult | Heet Seas | Suboculis | Arrow Down Hill | Fools In The Attic
| Gothic Guy | Madame B | Defiantly Fading | I, the Phoenix | Studio Gilliam | Hyperprism | Hexis | Cleansing the Damned | Meandmybrokendrummachine
| Pissing Graffiti | Song of Saya | Gears of Destruction | Szem | Dead Girl Radiation | Diezel Xzaust | JustLikeAmmy | Archaeopteryx Ultraavantgarda | Leather Bones
| X-evier | Vladimír Hirsch | Skrol | Aghiatrias | Tiria | Legionarii | Electric Colony | Egil the Eagle | Collective Death | F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay | Prevert | Alexander Lebedev-Frontov |

Make sure to check out these groups:
Tim Burton - Horror Movies - Beavis And Butt-Head - Batman
Tim SKOLD - LUCIA Cifarelli - Masuimi Max
Monolithic Industrial Metal and Noise (for fans of heavier based industrial)

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