• Moen is what we call home

    9 mar 2010, 22:09 av ajantis1

    Listening to Moen - the new album by Swedish band Immanu El is like visiting old friends. They are more mature and experienced but other than that, nothing has changed. They are still as good as they used to be.

    In an interview given in Poland the vocalist of Immanu El Claes Strängberg explained the title of the album: Moen is a dialect word from a province where we’re from and to make a long story pretty short it’s a word that describes our home village in the highlands of southern Sweden. Swedish hill, piece of highland in that area is called moen. Moen is what we call our home. So, it’s pretty romantic, I must say.

    After releasing the first album They’ll Come, They Come we were wandering through beautiful valleys (In Valleys). They were vast and nostalgic like slow words of the song. Now it is not less interesting. We are in heights, where „it’s so quiet” (Agnes Day). Silent words of Claes contrast with strong beats of drums and guitars. In this brilliant way they showed silence with help of very loud music.

    But it is only the beginning. In Hogamon Two the sounds sparkle like colourful lights. Aerial tells about living in a big city. Everything happens so fast and it is so difficult to slow down. But it is possible – thanks to the song titled Tunnel. „That floats away” and it is extremely important to stop and watch as it is floating away. Fortunately, after every night comes a new day, so it is worth of it to wake up earlier and celebrate the moment when the sun rises. However, the most important is waiting for it, patient wating. So waits Claes until he sings „shine” (May). And later the joy and the happiness explode...

    Immanu El are like a good painter. They have some favourite motives which are often used in their lyrics. It is easy to find horses, riders, lions or hillsides there. The action of Lionheart takes place in late July, which seems to be the favourite month of Claes as it also appears in his beautiful song archipelago.

    Claes proves that he has huge vocal skills. He can sing not only softly but also very loudly (e.g. May). The vocalist of Immanu El does his best to give every word its own special sound and meaning. He sings with carefulness, deliberation, really respects the language and emphasizes its beauty. Besides his voice is still clear, warm and touching (especially when he sings „that floats away” in Tunnel).

    One of the main advantages of the album is that it tells about the most important things in a simple way, using simple language. The songs consider such serious issues like forgiveness or passing. Immanu El show how to live, love, how to be happy and celebrate every single moment. Of course the music is also very important here, as it is often full of joy, energy or hope. And we should believe them because it is enough to look at them during concerts. You can just feel that they are fantastic friends and they know really much about these things.

    Immanu El, Moen, And The Sound Recordings 2009 (all the tracks are fully streamed on

    Special thanks to Kamil, Łukasz, Tomek and Zofia
  • Immanu El - Moen lyrics

    21 nov 2009, 00:44 av Rastinatuitam

    1. Agnes Days

    lights out we're toungtied
    it all makes sense
    motions freeze in a
    lead the armies
    in the far
    in heights
    its so quiet
    in cold
    we are toungtied
    they will come
    they come
    in heights
    its so
    your eyes
    like fire
    burn in me
    longing for this day
    when love will
    rise against
    earth wont hold us
    seas wont keep
    agnes day
    be my
    lead the armies
    in the far
    lost our minds in the fallen
    lead the
    in the far
    and i'll love you once again
    i will love you once
    come find me
    conquer me
    lead the way, im longing to
    in the end with all riders to be sent
    at the heights you are like the
    nothern lights
    at the heights
    your eyes like
    wild fire
    burning me
    small and winding roads
    i see, its breaking through
    i see it clear now
    will come
    they come

    2. Lionheart

    i gaze at your eyes
    so white and dovelike
    everythings melting around
    so sing
    me your words
    im trembling of thirst
    truth is triumphant in silence

    late july
    don't leave my side

    as summers fall
    i am blinded
    all i
    can feel -
    i hear your voice
    as the wind blows
    waving through trees

    are melting around

    in late july
    don't leave my side 
    like thunder-

    lightnings high
    i am blinded
    all i can feel
    i hear your
    as the rain fall
    calling at me

    and all things
    are melting
    im spellbound

    by unconditional love
    unconditional love

    oh agnes
    blow my heart away

    3. Aerial

    emptiness of crowded streets
    city blooming
    ponding beat
    passing while I long
    something lasting that will stay
    as a window flashes by
    bronze figures
    by my sides

    dressed in light I lift off among them
    catching speed and
    singing loud their anthems

    the wings of white
    surrounds me
    skylines we're aiming
    in your eyes i see a
    til' dawnlight im

    whirling forward
    in boundless speed
    through loops and turns
    love streams
    come sweep away
    in this transcendence
    by bosom of air

    and as
    you gaze
    I see your face
    in consternation
    reaching out

    im not here
    voices lift me up
    and streets are flashing by

    you sing loud
    you sing of
    come closer

    as the wings of white
    surrounds me
    through skylines
    we're aiming
    in your eyes i see a
    til' dawnlight im flying

    4. Hogaman One


    5. Hogaman Two

    oh i seek you
    oh i long
    oh i run to valleys when you call

    oh i wait to
    feel your heart beat
    oh i wait to feel your breath
    oh i wait on hillsides
    i wait for you

    oh come, beloved one
    all is done

    6. May

    light in horizons
    i see it rises

    let it shine

    around me you
    move me
    be still
    receive me
    in slow
    reflective love

    lashing winds of
    i'm warm again
    as you touch me
    let it shine

    light in horizons
    i see
    it rises

    let it shine

    7. Archers

    run with face to the ground
    chased by ominous sounds
    come on bring out your
    unleash them all

    there is a flag ready to fall
    put my back to the
    come on pull all your triggers
    unleash them all
    upon us

    im fine
    in control

    we ride into the night
    past the guardian sight
    we ride out of
    the tunnels
    unfolded eyes

    i am cought in the rye
    there is a love i cant
    come on bring out your lions
    unleash them all

    stay in my arms
    your eyes and hold your breath
    til dawnlight comes
    the dawnlight

    chase out the night
    stay in my arms
    in your grasp i am still

    8. Tunnel

    last words are spoke
    last breaths are drawn
    im complete

    im asleep

    as the morning comes

    i rise
    arosen to
    sounds of horses

    we're flying as
    we're breaking the laws

    sound of wingbeats
    by wreaths i am

    longful arms
    gates of
    you are brighter than all

    that floats away
    that floats

    daylights without end
    daylights without end

    9. Storm

    dried in red skies where drought have taken all the trees
    we're lost in
    wastelands of pride and covered lies

    we perish, end is just
    in anguish all
    is dust
    waters move,
    as you call
    like a flood
    in fall

    come rainclouds
    and make grainfields sprout
    my heart wont dry
    come overflowing wells
    bloom in spring

    ride through black clouds, you raise your voices calling 
    in highlands, on hillsides i know you so well

    love will win that
    and horses lead your way
    winds will move
    as you call
    like a storm

    come rainclouds and make dried hearts sprout
    impale me 
    come riders white and shed your light
    complete me now

    Immanu ElMoen
  • Rock with smile on face

    2 mar 2009, 21:03 av ajantis1

    Sob 21 II – Immanu El, Nathalie and The Loners

    Due to unknown reasons Immanu El had to play in a narrow and close cellar instead in a real club room in Krakow. However the boys got not upset and played fantastic concert. The small cellar became suddenly large areas and their music filled the room with countless number of colours.

    Because such it is their first album – ‘We’ll come we come’ – beautiful, colourful, full of happiness and harmony. Immanu El play rock, but it is not typical rock – without rebellion, anger, sadness and full of joy, feeling of fullfilment and life affirmation. And with this joy and happiness they infect listeners, especially when you can hear and see real smile during their performance.

    In music of Immanu El there are also strong sounds, but even though they sound very strongly and loudly, you can actually hear silence, peace, contemplation, blue sky, sunbeams between clouds and first of all freedom. Listening to Immanu El you have a great feeling of freedom. It is a feeling similar to climbing, flying by plane or travelling by ship through seas and lakes.

    But these are actually unknown, foreign lakes and mountains. Probably these are swedish ones, next to Jönköping, where the boys are from. I have had an impression, that they brought us a piece of Sweden, beause that is how I imagine Sweden – right how I hear and see it in their songs. Dark, high mountains, clear valleys, cold lakes, countless stars sparkling on the sky during frosty night, numerous clouds, the sun shining and changing the earth, freedom and harmony forming alliance between human and nature, nature giving us shelter, home, warmth and love.