Welcome to the Illbient Group...

  • Welcome to the Illbient Group...

    Welcome all.

    I thought we could start it out b y posting what you think 'illbient' is. This genre has so many different descriptions and definitions spread across the internet.

    I think of Illbient as: Dark, musky, hazy brooding atmospheres with an urban 'dub' influence on the rhythms and melodies.

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    • 13 okt 2004, 14:24
    Hello, can you recommend stuff similar to We? If there is anything similar to We.

    Redigerad av frags den 13 okt 2004, 14:25
  • Have you tried looking them up here at Audioscrobbler? I found over 100 artists "similar" to "We". This is of course using MusicBrainz.org's database. so it's not perfect. but you might try that out for starters.

    Just search Audioscrobbler for "We". There's a search form on the left side of every page. When you find your artist, click the "similar" link at the top of the artist page.

    Here's the top 20 i got.

    1 Ui [sim] [mb] 10
    2 Movietone [sim] [mb] 10
    3 Foehn [sim] [mb] 10
    4 Transient Waves [sim] [mb] 10
    5 Ad Vanz V Gescom [sim] [mb] 10
    6 Talib Kweli & Hi Tek [sim] [mb] 10
    7 Ian Pooley [sim] [mb] 10
    8 Luke Slater [sim] [mb] 10
    9 Mike Scott [sim] [mb] 10
    10 The Ronettes [sim] [mb] 10
    11 Freeform [sim] [mb] 10
    12 Prince Paul [sim] [mb] 10
    13 Free Association [sim] [mb] 10
    14 Gavin Friday [sim] [mb] 10
    15 Janek Schaefer [sim] [mb] 10
    16 Nathaniel Merriweather [sim] [mb] 10
    17 Live Human [sim] [mb] 10
    18 Fonn [sim] [mb] 10
    19 Saul Williams [sim] [mb] 10
    20 Company Flow [sim] [mb] 10

    I'm not familiar with "We" so i'm no help personally, but i hope this helps. I'll definately check them out.

    Any recommendations?

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    • 13 okt 2004, 19:33
    Thanks, but i was looking for some more detailed advice... I thought We was regarded as the best illbient, I don't know any other illbient though, thats why i was asking. We - Decentertainment is one of my all time favorite albums, though a lot of people seem to like their first album As Is better.

  • Dark ambient + hip-hop.
    But maybe I'm being oversimplistic.
    I always think of DJ Spooky when it comes to illbient, really.

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    • 23 dec 2004, 06:17
    Here you go, frags. Also DJ Olive, Spectre, Slotek and Sub Dub.

    A lot of the artists listed on the Similar Artists are pretty different and not what I'd really call illbient, but then even within illbient there's quite a bit of variety. For example, Ming + FS and DJ Soulslinger often get roped under the NYC illbient moniker, but they are a lot more club-music than the thoughtful, listening style illbient is usually known for (maybe they get stuck there more cuz of marketing reasons than anything).

    Meh, my 2 cents...

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    • 16 nov 2006, 03:51
    Dabrye might fit the bill too. His new album is heavy on the hip hop and lighter on the glitch than his earlier works, but it's still very good imo.

  • illbient took on a life of it's own...a ton of people particularly from the brooklyn scene got lumped in there. i think of WE as the prototypical 'illbient' group. i like some of Spoky's work, but he co-opts a lot of shit and calls it his own.

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    • 21 apr 2007, 23:17

    Illbient, like it or not, is like "new wave" or "trip-hop." A clever marketing term, and not much else. But, if you're like me and listen to all kinds of music and have over 25,000 mp3s, then genres are useful for simple categorization. Other than that, genres are a bit of a joke because for every prototypical artist, there are fifty others that are similar and yet nothing at all like what the genre supposedly represents.

  • 7 / 90

  • whats that label that members of WE started?

    I think its agriculture. If youre looking for WE type aestetic, llok there. I think the new DJ RUpture mix even has a couple WE rarities on it. like that cut on the first Crooklyn Dub comp. my fave WE cut of all. and that EbnE SYnch cut from another awesoem illbient ep.

  • ginsushark if u like rupture chech out my group;


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