Okay, so heres the contest. Go through your list of artists and click on their name on last.fm. Find out how many other people have this artist. The goal is to find the most obscure artist on your list. They have to be legit bands too, I could put Butala's band The Barrybostwick Band up here and I know it'll have 0.


    "All the young dudes"...... I've found only 643 people with Mott the Hopple. C'mon people this is fuckin glam rock, even David Bowie covered this song!

    • rha2 sa...
    • Användare
    • 30 sep 2005, 23:33


    I've got five under 3,000, but nothin as low as Mott the Hoople.

    Passage - 2265
    Pascal - 1,555
    TIm Hardin - 2,765
    Hedwig - 2969
    West Indian Girl 2868

    More than 20,000 people have listened to Wham though.

    I'm working on one that should beat even Mott the Hoople.

    • rha2 sa...
    • Användare
    • 30 sep 2005, 23:35

    All the Young Dudes

    I think I read once that Bowie wrote All the Young Dudes but gave it to Mott the Hoople to use. I'm pretty sure that was the story, cause Mott the Hoople was like, Holy Shit, Dave Bowie just gave us a song. And David Bowie was like, my name's Ziggy Bitches.

    • rha2 sa...
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    • 30 sep 2005, 23:41

    Ossian Gilbert

    Only three people have listened to this geezer, and I'm one of them. I'd say that only two other people know what the hell's up, but I can't, cause he more or less has shit on his tongue. Ossian's an irish folk singer. I only got his cd cause it had a version of a song i liked when i was young but had lost the tape. So I thinks to myself, ya, I'll get this guys cd and it will be just as good, right? No. Ossian's cover sucks, so he deserves to only have three fans.


    Fuckin Rad......... Fuckin Bowie.. if he gave me a song i'd jerk off on my hand... bowie rocks, he prolly owns the world.... oh yah, I'm wasted off of whiskey.. and lots of it....

  • Hello all. Radio does indeed suck, no?

    I actually have 62 artists on my charts with less than 1,000 fans. I don't know if I should be proud or get myself some professional help.

    Lowest numbers:
    A Moonlight Romantika - 14
    Braco - 13
    Chris Marsol - 11
    deanparry - 11
    Konstant - 10
    KY Diety - 8
    The Law of Fives - 7
    The Chinese Music Ensemble of New York - 5
    The Cattle Prod Blues Experiments - 3
    Amdeide - 2

    I collect spores, molds, and fungus.

    Check out the new group If The Illuminati Creeps You Out..., where you can see morphs of musicians, because I have nowhere else to put them. Also, feel free to check my mix (soon to be mixes) on 8tracks.com. Especially good if you don't know what you want to listen to.
  • Welcome...

    I like the name of "The Cattle Prod Blues Experiments"... kinda like the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion..... 'cept the Cattle Prod Blues is a cooler a name....

  • Here's the link to their music:

    I collect spores, molds, and fungus.

    Check out the new group If The Illuminati Creeps You Out..., where you can see morphs of musicians, because I have nowhere else to put them. Also, feel free to check my mix (soon to be mixes) on 8tracks.com. Especially good if you don't know what you want to listen to.
  • Well...

    I've got a few...
    Floyd's Funk Revival - 48 (It's pre Marvelous 3)
    Treat Her Right - 281
    Patrick Davis - 121
    SouthGang - 234 (another Pre Marv 3 Butch Walker band.)
    Dust for Life - 612
    Annetenna -388
    michael j. sheehy - 175
    Goldo - 172
    Uncle Green - 22
    Tony C & the Truth - 262
    Avion - 569
    Barefoot Servants - 6 (the smallest from a major label band) (Features John Butcher)
    Peter Case -666
    Redwalls- 330

  • Regnowsin - Peter Case

    Hey good choice on the Peter Case... saw him here in Buffalo a little while ago... gotta love the guy.. I'm surprised so little people have listenened to him.

  • Krackatoa around since 1999 and still obscure :)

    Ive been releasing free mp3s under the "krackatoa" name a while now still obscure, nothing wrong with obscure music I say hehe. Either my music is really bad or I don't crave attention in a world where everyone wants to be a celebrity.


    Some tracks have a listen if you get time :)


  • Thanks Shabong000.

    Krackatoa - is there a way to download the songs easier than clicking each one and having the pop-up come up? I like what I've heard.

  • Krackatoa tracks online

    Hi Regnowsin thanks for the feedback, Ive just upgraded my website so I can have my mp3s directly online as I had to host them on other music mp3 sites before but have irratating popups...


    I will put my other two albums online in next couple days as well need to upload them first but you can download the higher quality vbr mp3s im going to use.

    PS dunno whats wrong with the krackatoa songs streaming on lastfm seems to only play a few... anyway let me know if you can download them ok off my site.


  • Downloads are working great!

  • Cool:) I have just added the Monkies in the Temple Album mp3s now so can download all those if you want will add the last album tommorrow.


  • I just checked this out now, cuz before it was a pain to try and download a song, it is much easier now. This is pretty good stuff man. I've only listened to 2 songs so far, but I dig it. \m/ \m/

    Redigerad av shabong000 den 22 okt 2005, 13:12
  • Komodo Dodo Album

    Ok here is the first album I did back in 99 "Komodo Dodo" has a more electronica synthetic sound, hope you enjoy, Im currently working on my 4th album in my spare time so not sure when that will be released.



    • Ripp0r sa...
    • Användare
    • 26 okt 2005, 07:25

    I'll give it a try

    84 people have listened to Nine Tons Of Wood by Giant Robot.
    34 people have listened to Circles by Kreidler.
    17 people have listened to Ecosystem by RinneRadio
    5 people have listened to Fett (Extended) by Nachlader.

    Thats as low as I can get, but I'm working on that ;-)

    No indie though, thats dub, minimal electro and ...ergh... german elektro minimal pop dub?

    Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. (Groucho Marx)
    Redigerad av Ripp0r den 26 okt 2005, 11:20
    • jam02 sa...
    • Användare
    • 26 okt 2005, 10:58
    Band: Fight Fire With Water with 53 (they're an amazing local math rock band)
    Song:Circle of Perversion with 71.
    Not the best results I could find, but it's all I could think of right now.

    • einna sa...
    • Användare
    • 1 nov 2005, 15:49

    hmmmmm... lets see

    851 people recently listened to The Geraldine Fibbers.
    602 people recently listened to Iain Archer.
    79 people recently listened to Phoenix and the Turtle! yay thats my lowest

    • flackyak sa...
    • Användare
    • 15 nov 2005, 23:35
    I'm surprised how low some of mine are. These are all from my top 50:
    87 people recently listened to Faux Jean
    463 people recently listened to Fugu
    234 people recently listened to Moonshake (Margaret Fiedler and John Frenett's new band, Laika, is over 5000)
    78 people recently listened to Mulu
    11 people recently listened to Minxus
    56 people recently listened to The Funerals
    606 people recently listened to Blake Babies (Juliana Hatfield!)
    17 people recently listened to Picasso Trigger
    291 people recently listened to Cud
    288 people recently listened to 46bliss
    278 people recently listened to Tribe
    110 people recently listened to Dink
    375 people recently listened to Orbit
    125 people recently listened to Galerie Stratique
    257 people recently listened to Dog Faced Hermans
    318 people recently listened to Kendra Smith

    But my lowest result is the grammatical error "1 people recently listened to The Far East Side Band". Specifically, I have this CD: http://www.forcedexposure.com/artists/far.east.side.band.html

    • Ripp0r sa...
    • Användare
    • 29 nov 2005, 19:21
    Found something:
    10 people have listened to 1984 by Xaver Fischer Trio.

    That one is _quite_ well known, at least a couple of my friends know them, I've seen him solo in concert, he's got a couple of CDs that you can buy even from Amazon, but for some reason none of his tracks I have appears to have had more than 20 listeners.
    It's Electro Jazz Stuff and it's great! Go for it...

    Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. (Groucho Marx)
  • ahm..

    Klang AG 1 .............. <- hey I´m
    Klima-X 1 ............... <- the only!
    Whirlpoolproductions 1 .. <- even though they are great ;)
    EQT 4
    Sterngucker 6
    Katja maria werker 32
    The Magic bullet Theory 34
    Andre Kraml feat. Schad Privat 50
    Tenfold Loadstar 282

    • einna sa...
    • Användare
    • 11 dec 2005, 00:12
    1 people recently listened to Jose' Gonzalez. YAY!
    29 people recently listened to Fiest.

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