I'm starting to get into black metal. Any recommendations?

  • Vlad Tepes/Belketre Split album March to Black Holocaust is awesome as hell.
    Look into the other bands that these guys are affiliated with as well.

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    • 19 aug 2011, 01:27
    I think as opposed to recommending more and more bands, the best idea is to take the early recommendations of the more well known bands, being the Norweigen ones or the well known Swedish acts such as Dissection and Watain, or even if you already know of the 'war metal/bestial black metal' starters such as Blasphemy, and Beherit (a bit different to them nevertheless yet highly influential). Usually most fans of black metal ive noticed tend to lean towards one style more that they prefer. If youre still starting and prefer the Norweigen bands, youd eventually find the even better bands outside of Norway in other parts of europe, leading many finds to the depressive/suicidal black metal bands, and if youre more interested in bands like Watain and Dissection, youll find a lot more Swedish bands like Armagedda, Craft, Ofermord, and so forth which have a more extreme and heavier sound. Then again you might like both the heavier and atmospheric sounds, and if so, then there are the links for both.

  • I'm really liking Dragged Into Sunlight now. Any recommendations based on that?

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