Songs that blew your mind upon first listen

  • All of Metallica's Ride the Lightning album. That's the album that got me into metal in the first place. Before that, I hadn't heard anything heavier than Ozzy Osbourne and one day I went on youtube and decided to check out Metallica. Ride the Lightning blew my fucking mind and gave me an insatiable appetite for more music like that. And unlike a lot of people who liked Metallica when they were first getting into metal, I still love and regularly listen to their first 4 albums.

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  • War Pigs is another one that left me amazed after listening to it for the first time.

    The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
  • I think most of the music I like at this point blew up my mind at first listen because I don't have as much time as I would want to relisten things I didn't dig at first glance.

  • Strike of the Beast by Exodus made me go fucking crazy the first time I heard it. Still does.

    The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
  • Its awesome how these songs have hooks and melodies. it's a wonder what kind of band a person means by saying "They are a legitimate Metal band on their first 2 albums, they have little to no melody".

  • What kind of asshole would possibly suggest that metal must be devoid of melody to be 'legitimate'? That might be the most moronic thing I've ever read.

  • That doesn't even make any sense. This isn't fucking rap music.

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    • 2 sep 2011, 04:23
    I couldn't think of anything for a while, but Nadja - "I Am Become Death, Destroyer Of Worlds" comes to mind oddly enough.

  • I was listening to's blackened thrash radio and this song came on it. Fucking riff insanity.

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  • When I was 10, my dad introduced me to AC/DC and Van Halen. At that point, the heaviest music I liked was the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was amazed when Eruption started playing. I couldn't believe a human could possibly play like that.

    The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
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  • Close To A World Below - Immolation.
    That absolutely monstrous intro riff just fucking crushed me back when I was starting to really get into death metal back in '09.

    Solitude - Candlemass.
    I had absolutely no idea what to expect, they were the first traditional doom I listened to, but that fantastic intro followed by that crushing riff...
    Just all kinds of rad.

    Generally Hostile - Jag Panzer.
    They were probably the first USPM band I checked out, and I was expecting something in the vein of Sonata Artica or Stratovarius. Instead I got this speed metal clusterfuck, especially the NO MERCY, NO MERCY parts towards the end, my mind was fucking blown.

    Rattlehead - Megadeth.
    Back when I was getting into metal in '06 or '07, I was expecting another Symphony of Destruction, I was NOT ready for Mustaine's rage and coke driven brand of thrash.

    All I can think of right now.

  • Judas Priest-Victim of Changes

    Black Sabbath-Symptom of the Universe (this means a lot to me, as it's the track that got me into metal in the first place)

  • First: King Diamond- The Family Ghost
    Most Recent: The Devil's Blood- Christ or Cocaine.

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    Mercyful Fate - At the Sound of the Demon Bell
    My first reaction was "hahaha what the hell is THIS? This was good until the vocals kicked in." Nowadays I wouldn't part with the vocals. I liked MF instrumentally from day one, though--it always took me by surprise how many natural, organic changes are jammed into this five minute song.

    Cirith Ungol - Master of the Pit
    A bright spot in one of those albums that makes you temporarily think "why listen to anything else?" Brilliantly emotive riffcrafting and a truly esoteric atmosphere; the kind of stuff that gets some use out of my music player's "back" button.

    Celtic Frost - Jewel Throne
    2:15: "OOF!" Then they beat any speed/brutality-oriented band at their own game.

    Gorguts - Earthly Love
    That disgusting viola/guitar noise bridge, the seasick no wave-esque riffing, everything. I was amazed to hear a death metal band actually evolve and show some guts rather than either stagnate or throw their integrity out the window and go commercial.

  • More to add;
    YOB - Quantum Mystic
    Megadeth - Wake Up Dead
    Death - Voice of The Soul
    Judas Priest - Future of Mankind
    Vader - Never Say My Name
    Ascension - Grant Me Light
    Mana Mana (a finnish band) - "Mikä On Sun Taivas" and "Ruusu, Tulppaani ja Peijote"

  • Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls
    This was the song that set me on the road to becoming a huge metal fan. It stuck out on an 'Air Guitar' compilation set and led me to check out more Metallica. At the time it sounded evil, and like it was operating on a totally different level to all the other songs on the collection. I have to think back to that feeling when seeing the reactions of non-metal fans to metal songs - it's easy to forget just how extreme all kinds of metal can sound to a person who hasn't been exposed to much of it.

    Slayer - Angel of Death
    Angel of Death helped to push me towards some more extreme thrash metal. *That scream*, the gruesome lyrics and the speed of the song were a kind of curiosity at first. Of course, eventually, I grew to enjoy them!

    Suffocation - Infecting the Crypts
    One of the first death metal songs I really enjoyed. The whole Human Waste EP, actually, clicked with me straight away.

  • Death's Spirit Crusher was the first death metal song I ever enjoyed. I came across it on youtube almost 2 years ago and loved the instrumental work. It was the first time I ever heard a death metal song without the vocals making me cringe.

    After I heard Spirit Crusher, I wanted to check out more Death. I came across Zombie Ritual through related videos and I fucking loved everything about it. Since I already liked thrash like Slayer, it was a perfect transition from stuff like that to the more extreme.

    Everything from Atheist's Unquestionable presence blew my mind. Before I heard it, I never knew death metal could be so beautiful and complex.

    Soon after I discovered Death on youtube, I found Autopsy. I started listening to Severed Survival and as soon as Charred Remains started, my jaw hit the floor. The sheer filthy, raw brutality of it blew my mind.

    Back when I was still discovering death metal, someone recommended Morbid Angel to me. I checked out Altars of Madness and it was the perfect death metal to my ears. I played every song at least twice and then listened to the album again. The combination of Vincent's sinister, barking vocals and fast, intricate, booming bass, Sandoval's thundering, light speed drumming and Azagthoth's complex, blindingly fast riffs and solos made my jaw drop and my mind explode. That fast, slick, dark, streamlined evil sound blew my fucking mind and amazed me in a way I hadn't experience since I first started liking metal when I heard Metallica's Ride the Lightning. To this day, it's still my second favorite death metal album of all time (behind Iniquity's Serenadium). If the rest of Morbid Angel's albums were this good, they'd be my favorite death metal band by a huge distance.

    The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
  • Currently, I can't stop listening:
    Year of the Goat - Of Darkness
    Blitz - Razors in the Night
    and the great...
    three great songs I recommend you

    " The love of god is banished by a curse of the wicked ones
    And Hell is the centre of the universe
    Terror of a dying world, infernal black devastation
    Blood red slaughter hell, TRANSFORMUTATION! "
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    • 14 jan 2012, 19:23
    Dark Angel - Darkness Descends

    snowballed me down the path of heavier metal. that first riff blew my brains out when i first heard it.

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    • 10 feb 2012, 13:43
    Most recent : Loss - Cut up,Depressed and Alone just mezmerizing art i must say

  • TANK - None But The Brave caused me a


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