If Brian Wilson hadn't gone crazy there would be world peace

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Skapad den: 26 maj 2008
this group is for people who daydream about Brian Wilson and cry for his fate on a regular basis

UPDATE: the crying part is optional, however we recommend that you've at least once been close

the man

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  • Namey

    had he not gone krayzay he'd prolly be the Pope

    30 jul 2013 Svara
  • Akayz7

    Lol mike love

    19 jul 2013 Svara
  • Tenozuma

    I feel like up until 1966 The Beach Boys matched (and exceeded) The Beatles song for song... and that if everything had happened without incident and SMiLE had just been released in '67, the late 60s and early 70s would have gifted us with some of the most amazing music never made. I don't have anything to base this off-- just the belief that the quality of songwriting would have continued, like it did with The Beatles. I'm so glad to have the music we were blessed with and often wonder about what might have been.

    22 okt 2012 Svara
  • smithee1407

    i can't believe dude got his sanity back. he had this shrink draining him of money and of solace for years and years.

    8 aug 2012 Svara
  • Dani_Gabarrot

    Best group ever

    17 maj 2012 Svara
  • Zodiark111

    Most generic music in the history of history.

    7 maj 2012 Svara
  • ChastityChaser

    sometimes i feel very sad

    7 feb 2012 Svara
  • sls

    I dunno man, Brian Wilson's still alive and he's still making new music. Now, if Syd Barret hadn't gone crazy...

    13 dec 2011 Svara
  • runnersdialzero

    Mike Love has what to do with this group, exactly?

    30 nov 2011 Svara
  • asupercoolguy

    FUCK mike love

    4 nov 2011 Svara
  • pappyjohn

    SO happy to have found this by surfin the web..Aren't you glad now tell me please tell me...

    2 nov 2011 Svara
  • Nakkinak

    Brian Wilson had the greatest mind of all time

    5 sep 2011 Svara
  • etchar_t

    does masturbating to his picture five time a day count [2]

    22 jul 2011 Svara
  • SonnyJoeFoxx

    I like how The Conet Project of all things is a weekly top artist.

    1 feb 2011 Svara
  • johntardsbaby66

    does masturbating to his picture five time a day count

    17 dec 2010 Svara
  • radawesomefun


    31 aug 2010 Svara
  • ascrodin

    Ryeriver, I agree with you on the no Dennis Wilson. And where's Carl Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love, David Marks, Blondie Chaplin, Ricky Fataar, and Bruce Johnston?!!

    1 okt 2009 Svara
  • hypehat

    I love the name of this group. mostly cos it's true :'( Brian Wilson is god!

    4 maj 2009 Svara
  • ryeriver

    Oh, and, what...no Dennis Wilson in the connected artists? They're brothers! Heh heh.

    23 apr 2009 Svara
  • ryeriver

    Oh man, the title of this group is so great. Ha ha.

    23 apr 2009 Svara
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