Ibanez Chameleon XPT 700

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    • 14 jan 2008, 19:46

    Ibanez Chameleon XPT 700

    What do you think about it?

    neck type 5pc Wizard II Maple/Walnut Thru neck
    body Mahogany body
    fret Jumbo fret
    bridge Edge III
    neck pu DiMarzio® D Activator™ (H) neck pu
    bridge pu DiMarzio® D Activator™ (H) bridge pu
    case included

    good quality-price

  • I would only buy this guitar because the case is included - that's a rare find and should not be passed up. Now that the upside is taken care of, the downside is that it has jumbo frets and TWO DiMarzio pickups. Can this be any worse? If it weren't for the included case, I would tell you to steer away from this - but this deal is a real steal.

  • MYPODuser

    Hi, Ive read some articles and wanted to check between XPT700 and Jackson WRMG. Ibanez won the game. I like clearer tone of D Activators (John 5 uses them too). and Big advantage is hard case and neck through the body for the sustain. Tremolo should be quit fine if set well. Should be changable for even OFR. ALso i like the mahagony body for warm strong sound.

    • Schvaz sa...
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    • 24 sep 2008, 17:23
    It looks OK. The only thing i don't like in this guitar is Edge III bridge (it's a total disaster for me..)

  • why not just grab one and check it out? specs sound good. i like the jumbo frets on my rg1527. they're nice for fast playing. if you've got some control of your fingers this won't be a problem. can't say anyting about the pickups, but, quite frankly, i'm a little reserved towards them (passive active-wannabes, you know). but then again, i have neither played them nor heard them. mahogany rocks. and - dude - a case is included. jesus fuck, c'mon. go get it.
    just check it out.

    no, really. kill the reverse v.
  • Pretty bad ass man if your into the shape...

  • great... they make the 27 fret one, then this... then a 7 string one with a fixed bridge -_- and now muhammed of whatever his name is from necrophagist (which should be instrumental :D, im trying to put up with the vocals atm) now uses a custom 7 string with 27 frets... I want the custom one :( .... and MYPODUSER wtf are you on about, prestige's all come with cases so do universes, and a guitar this shape HAS to come with a case, it not like your gonna get one custom built to fit the xiphos.

    Last FM says I'm using a different time zone than what I'm in after many attempts to change it I recieve the same error, so I won't be scrobbling anymore.
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