• _se_bas sa...
    • Användare
    • 20 feb 2008, 14:39
    I've got a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401 now, quite an improvement actually. :)

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    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 10 mar 2008, 18:22
    Ibanez TB15 which absolutely sucks.

  • Behringer V-Tone GMX212 about 120 watts, ridiculously loud great for metal, great distortion. and clarity and tone is great for clean. and I've also got a little Marshall 15 watt practice amp.

    • 666NOtB sa...
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    • 30 apr 2008, 22:54
    Line 6 Spider III 75 watts
    Line 6 Spider II 15 watts

  • Peavey Bandit 112 + Boss GT8

    • ConsP sa...
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    • 19 maj 2008, 13:03
    80W selfmade ;)
    100W Hughes & Kettner Matrix
    100W Marshall Valvestate


    Jackhammer Marshall
    Jim Dunlop Jimmy hendrix wah
    Łódzkie wydawnictwa muzyczne wah :P
    Echohead Marshall
    Behringer ultrachorus
    v-amp2 - (only for fun)

  • I gots a Vox AD15VT for practicing which sounds amazing for the price ($115) and a 100W Peavey Valveking 212 for loud shit.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 9 jul 2008, 15:55
    Vox ToneLab SE valve preamp
    Carvin Tube 100 poweramp
    It wouldn't speak so fully without good "mid-friendly" speakers (4x12" Celestion Vintage)

  • ashdown

    ashdown amps are the way to go.

  • shitty Fender Frontman 15R plus BOSS MD-2, mayby some of you could recommend a good home amp? (15-20W)

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    • Localh81 sa...
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    • 26 aug 2008, 11:45
    I use a Laney AOR Pro-Tube 100W and a Peavey Stereo Chorus 400 simultaneously with Boss GT-5, WayHuge Swollen Pickle, DOD Grunge, Boss Octave, Boss Chromatic Tuner. 4 "12 Celestion speakers.

  • RG370DX -> Boss GT8 -> Peavey Bandit 112

    • E55eT sa...
    • Användare
    • 19 sep 2008, 13:24
    Marshall 3005 mini stack ,MS-4 - Peavey rage- Boss GT-6......

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  • Vox-ad50vt 212'...boss me-50 multi effects...ibanez rg4exfm1 :)

    Feels like i'm caught in a dream within a dream
    • _se_bas sa...
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    • 23 dec 2008, 08:51
    Thinking about a Laney VH100R head. . .

    Alerion Progressive Metal with Female Vocals - full promo album (2009) on for streaming / download.
    • _se_bas sa...
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    • 15 mar 2009, 18:30
    Actually bought the Laney VH100R with a Laney GS412PA head with v30s. Great sound! I got it from the UK, as you can get a lot more GBPs for your EUROs now than you used to. :)

    Alerion Progressive Metal with Female Vocals - full promo album (2009) on for streaming / download.
    • BrZ_ sa...
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    • 23 apr 2009, 07:33
    ENGL Powerball 100w and Laboga Mr. Hector 100w tube amps into Framus Cobra 4 x 12" cabs.
    I'm gassing for Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier or ENGL Savage 120, not just sure which one I'm going to pick up.

    • cyntex sa...
    • Användare
    • 23 apr 2009, 13:00
    Most of the time I play over my practice amp, a Vox Da5.
    The other two amplifiers I own are a Randall RG100SC and a old Park (sub-marshall) amp which is only collecting a lot dust.

    Effects and such:
    Boss MT2
    Boss MD2
    Boss NS-2 (noise-gate)
    Boss DD-7 (delay)
    Boss Ge-7 (equalizer)

    Like some othershere I hope someday to be a proud owner of a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.

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  • Laney GH100L here.
    Had it since 1994. Wouldn't use anything else. ;-)

  • Modified Peavey Classic 30 with a Damage Control Womanizer in the loop through an A/B box, which gives me a third independent tube channel + boost... I like low wattage amps, it's easier to get tube saturation before the club owner kicks you out because of volume mayhem

    And as for FX, I usually go for the GT-8 with the amp modelling turned off, a couple of distortions if I need a specific sound - Ibanez TS9DX, ProCo Rat, an old Boss SD-1, Tech 21 Tri-O.D and stuff like that...

  • VH100R

    These babies rock. I don't really need anything that big at the moment, but I would definitely consider getting one

  • Peavey Valveking 112, awesome amp.

  • _se_bas said:
    I've got a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401 now, quite an improvement actually. :)


    Although it's getting put aside for an ENGL screamer combo soon.

    • de7con sa...
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    • 15 nov 2009, 11:47
    I've got a Ibanez Valbee, not a huge fan of it - it actually sounds pretty shitty, bassy.
    Wanna buy a Roland 20x or something around there. I'm gonna test soon a friend's Orange Amp.

    • zigwire7 sa...
    • Användare
    • 14 jan 2010, 05:19

    Mesa and SST

    I use a Mesa/Boogie F-50 and sometimes an AMT SST-20.
    Sound samples at

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