I don't know how to rate music

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Join if you don't know how to rate music.

Some people think they know how to rate music. They seem to know whether a song is good or bad.

I don't know how to do that.

Sometimes when I listen to music I try to recognize the elements responsible to the feelings (delight, joy, boredom, apathy, melancholy ...) that arise in me while listening. What I find myself thinking of when I do this is that what comes out of the speakers is not the only responsible, there are a lot of elements interacting together that have a lot to do with that feelings.

The nature of that elements is diverse. Some of them are ideas that are with me since years and years that me and my environmet have been molding through the time and so they are still changing, while some others are just fleeting dispositions. Some of that elements could be listener's context, listener's prejudices, listener's cognitive bias, listener's expectations, listener's social identity, listener's mood, listener's past memories previously impressed in the music or just listener's will to enjoy the music.

That interacting elements would make one listener different from the other ones. Every song would be experienced in a personal way. So... when you listen to an album it would be "YOUR album". And your first, sixth and twentieth listening would be different from each other.

That being said... that's been said.

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