Favourite Local Band?

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    • 13 feb 2006, 23:36

    Favourite Local Band?

    well, mine would have to be Muse without a doubt. they're from teignmouth or something and are easily devons best export, even better than scones!
    i don't really know any other local bands to be honest, but im sure that even if i did find out of another muse would still top me list. Their songs are so varied, i can't seem to get enough of them at the moment.
    so anyway, what say you?


  • All Houses

    Band from aroudn the South Molten area (friend of a friends band type thing)

    They do local gigs and stuff. I've not been to one but would like to as I have got3 demo's of theirs and they are rather cool.

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    • 17 dec 2006, 14:12
    I like the band called mindmess, they're very young, started the band only year ago but i've seen them on gig and it was excellent!


    • Taip sa...
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    • 24 dec 2006, 14:08
    Foje. :)

    • iSui sa...
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    • 5 apr 2007, 10:57
    End of Green, I love them.:)

    "Sans toi, les émotions d'aujourd'hui
    ne seraient que la peau morte des émotions d'autrefois."

    ღ Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

    Wanna join my group? :)
  • Pittsburgh's very own Donnie Iris

    There is no way to heavy metal... Heavy metal is the way
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    • 12 apr 2007, 19:12
    To Glasgow, I'd say Belle & Sebastian
    To Liverpool, I'd say either Echo & the Bunnymen or The La's

  • Probably the difference or little engine for me.

  • The Black Cat Bone they are from colombia!! really a great band! (sing in english) :P!

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    • 11 jul 2007, 14:20
    well, from Polish bands I like Kobranocka, Top One, Strajk, Lady Pank, Armia, 2Tm2,3, Myslovitz, Farben Lehre, Spirit of 84, Koniec Świata, Piersi, Republika, Obywatel GC, Dżem, Kult, Hey, Wilki, Chłopcy z Placu Broni, Klaus Mitffoch, KSU, IRA, Róże Europy, Oddział Zamknięty, Daab, Habakuk, Aya RL, Mr Zoob, Perfect, Cochise.

    from my nearest region there is one very good blues band called Kasa Chorych, I've heard they're from Białystok. :)

  • The Limit & 100 Demons.

    (((***** Don't judge a book by it's cover, judge it by it's content inside. *****)))
    • ikzellef sa...
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    • 24 sep 2007, 15:15
    For me it would be grendel,
    Lives like 3 km away

    ALL BOW DOWN FOR :\\//\\//: (or bleed in silence wearing a crown of thorns while You're christfucking^^)

    <A HREF="http://www.baroeg.nl/boa"><IMG SRC="http://www.baroeg.nl/flyers/BOAfront.jpg"; alt="Baroeg Open Air" width="372" height="526" /></A>
    • Jimmert sa...
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    • 17 nov 2007, 18:26
    From my hometown Hoofddorp; Solid Rocket Boosters, Neuk!

    Amsterdam: De Hardheid, NRA

    Other nearby cities: The Upsessions, Trenchcoat

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    • 17 nov 2007, 18:40
    Phil Murray and the Boys From Bury (though they are from Brinsworth in Rotherham not Bury)

  • From my region; the whoremoans and Vomit Gun from Pensacola, FL.
    From my current city, PAIN [split], FryCook [split] and German Honor Society [split].
    Three of the best bands ever.

    In a closed society where everybody's guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity. - Hunter S. Thompson
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    • 30 jan 2009, 00:12
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    • 21 feb 2009, 10:11
    Rammstein & Oomph! for now.

    • javoec sa...
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    • 11 maj 2009, 00:56
    Can can is one of the nicest ones in Ecuador, also SUDAKAYA and Guardarraya

    JavieR (a.k.a javoec)
    [ futurama point . slurmed.com ] [ javoec.deviantART.com ]
    • Vickapoo sa...
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    • 13 maj 2009, 23:35
    would have to say Random Conflict
    from Birmingham UK.

  • Math the band.

    They were amazing live. YUMM,

  • hmm... Polish bands I like the most would be Strachy Na Lachy, Myslovitz, Wilki and T.Love, I think...

    " close your eyes and keep your mind wide open. "
  • Croatian: Neznam kak se zovu, al frajer mi je susjed
    English: I don't know their name, but dude is my neighbour

    they have one awesome track

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    • 17 sep 2009, 15:24
    Taip said:
    Foje. :)

    too. :}

  • Балканджи- folk metal band - very good musicians

    http://www.last.fm/group/Asatru+%2C+emo+hating%2C+metal+listening+group Asatrists!!!! Join my group (by the way i need some ideas for it but i think we'll manage)
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