I don't give a heck if you don't like my music

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Skapad den: 30 maj 2009
My music - my business. Remember about it


We all know this - "how can you listen to this music?" "Your music is crap, really". Let's oppose!

The more unusual music you listen to, the bigger the chance of being not understood get. For instance, a black-metal-fan will always be considered as a grim, sad person, that thinks of death and satan all the time, hence not worth of a talk. And again, a reggae-fan has to cope with the archetype of a weed-smoking junkie, who doesn't care about anything, anywhere, anytime. That's unfair, so to say.

By joining this group, you show others that you don't really care whether someone likes your music or not. It doesnt matter if you listen to Black Metal or Reggae. What does matter is if you feel that the music you listen to is your and only your business. If you feel so, then consider yourself kindly invited.

I'd like to encourage you all to take part in the discussion on the forums, comment on the existing threads and create new ones. This way we, anti-music discrimination-people, will get to know each other better =)

If you have any question, simply ask on the shoutbox

Have fun!

Group Leader ~ sadzior90

P.S. Please use English so that everyone can understand you, for everyone's reading pleasure ;)


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