I discovered Drone Doom and now I can't sleep

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Skapad den: 7 feb 2010
If you regularly wake from a sound sleep with drop-tuned guitars roaring in your head, welcome to your new home.

Drone doom music fuses the heavily distorted, drop-tuned guitars of and with the compositional sensibilities of and , along with other elements as diverse as , and even . Fans of as well as all related styles, such as , , , , , and are welcome.

If you are the type of person who stays up late, zoning out to this music or tossing and turning in bed with it's shattered echoes resonating in your head while you fitfully grasp for sleep (no pun intended) then you have come to the right place.

Ready to start your obsession with Drone Doom or just looking for something new to listen to? Try the IDDDANICS group radio or explore one of the numerous stations on the Doom Radio Project!

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