• [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 31 maj 2007, 11:27

    What artists have you discovered recently?

    For me it's:
    Blue October
    David usher
    Rogue Wave (only the track called 'Eyes')

    • deawn sa...
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    • 14 sep 2007, 19:09
    for me:
    Asobi Seksu
    Husker Du
    Johnny Berlin

  • Clint Mansell
    Velvet Underground

    very special music for people with very special music taste :)

  • My brother just gave me 3 albums of M. Ward recently and I dig 'em a whole lot.
    Chill music, if you're looking for "downbeat" calm music then check him out. He's very talented

    • deawn sa...
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    • 1 dec 2007, 09:30
    redd kross
    but I can't find them anywhere to download x(

  • She Wants Revenge
    Gotan Project
    The BLOW

    • Tunc89 sa...
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    • 29 dec 2007, 15:46
    these are pretty new for me:

    animal collective
    terry s. taylor (only the neverhood soundtrack, which is great)
    godspeed you! black emperor
    ravi shankar

    • Akink sa...
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    • 5 jan 2008, 18:54
    I was looking at people's profiles and I discovered:
    - Roadside Poppies,
    - of Montreal,
    - CocoRosie.

    I'm very bad at labeling music, so I will not say what genere they are... I can only say that they all sound original, fresh and... kinda strange, but in a good way =}.

    The only thing that stands between me and total happieness is reality.
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 7 jan 2008, 00:01
    Discovered "of Montreal" earlier today and cant stop listening : )

    • majikkou sa...
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    • 13 feb 2008, 20:42
    I found this song Rapunzel by artist Novak. Can anyone tell me more about this specific artist, because Last.Fm lists more than one and I can't figure out who the real artist is, and it's f****** great. Can't stop listening.

  • - Beth Gibbons
    - Wolfsheim
    - Philip Glass
    - of Montreal
    - Royksopp
    - El perro del mar
    - Husky Rescue


  • 2008 "New" Finds

    ¡Forward, Russia!
    Animal Collective
    Black Moth Super Rainbow
    Bloc Party
    bon iver (esp. Flume and Skinny Love)
    British Sea Power
    Coconut Records
    Shout Out Louds (actually I've really only heard "Impossible". love it)
    Teenage Bad Girl
    Vampire Weekend

    • slgb sa...
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    • 27 feb 2008, 19:13
    the moldy peaches

  • architecture in helsinki

    the boy least likely to

    i'm from barcelona

    • entrypo sa...
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    • 9 mar 2008, 18:12
    Joanna Newsom. She plays the harp and she has the most amazing voice. Check her out

  • mono

  • White Rose Movement :D

  • the kills

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 2 maj 2008, 21:50
    Those are some pretty good groups (although I've heard most of them by now), there's a few I'll have to check out. Here's what I've been digging lately:

    Binary Star, Jigmastas, Hall of Justus,Northern Picture Library, Atlas Sound, Baby Mammoth, My Dad is Dead, Milky Whimpshake

    Also, I highly recommend the Beta Band, because they have so much classic and underrated material.


    • layenne sa...
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    • 6 maj 2008, 18:44
    • majikkou sa...
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    • 10 maj 2008, 16:07
    lately the ocean collective and jesu

    • Jharod sa...
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    • 15 maj 2008, 19:15
    A humble tolerance preacher at:
  • Frankmusik

    They both have few free tracks:D

    The Teenagers

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 3 jun 2008, 10:26
    huh. i also discovered of Montreal, only to find that i really didn't like them

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