• Which Tenenbaum Are You?

    As the title suggests, this is a forum where you speculate and support your theory as to which Tenenbaum you most identify with. The character you choose is not limited to just a Tenenbaum. If you see parallels between yourself and, say, Pagoda then say so.

    Myself, I identify most with Richie "The Baumer" Tenenbaum. Not because I'm a failed tennis champion, and not because I'm in love with my "adopted" sister. I draw my choice from the details of "The Baumer's" life. That he lived on a ship with no clear destination. I know the feeling all too well. Richie is prone to depression and expresses that, in one way, by shaving his head while listening to Eliott Smith. No, I've never attempted suicide, but it's not a foreign thought to anyone. Richie speaks plainly but his loyalty and love for his father blinds him to his father's deception. I don't claim to have serious "Daddy issues" but all men do, to an extent; but it's my compassion and trust that can sometimes blind me to deception.

    All around I'm a Richie Tenenbaum.

    I'm interested in hearing other people's speculations.

    Ahh, the most perfect moment.

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    • 7 aug 2009, 06:00
    I'm Eli because I have a strong desire to be a Tenenbaum. And i could also be Margot. I don't smoke, but I do watch television in my bathtub.

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    "Who the shit is Kingsly Zissou?"
  • id say Eli but thats not realy a tenenbaum. so next choice would be Richie fo sho.. :)

  • I'm Richie. I'm an underachiever, a non-achiever, really. I'm a drama queen. I gotta admit I even like the way he puts his hands in his pockets. Plus I wanna be like Luke Wilson.

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  • Margot. I’m a very secretive person. I’m also a bit unenthusiastic.

    • sdonoh sa...
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    • 1 jul 2010, 22:19
    Royal. A fantasist and a fabulist who may or may not mean well or both.

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